Rosa Amelia Rivera is an actress and businesswoman from the United States. She is 40 years old and was born on July 3, 1981, in California, United States. She was also the previous CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Her death, Jenni Rivera’s, catapulted her into the spotlight.

She later began starring on Spanish-language reality shows and eventually took over her sister’s business. She and her family started appearing in the reality series Rica, Famosa, Latina in 2014.

The star of Mexican and American heritage is one of the most well-known public figures, with a sizable fan base.

Rosie Rivera’s Early Years

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra have a daughter named Rosie Rivera in 1981. She is currently 40 years old. Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera are her brothers. During her childhood, Rosie resided with her parents and brothers, including Juan River, Gustavo Rivera, and Peter Rivera.

Jenni Rivera, her sister, died in a plane tragedy in December 2012. Jenni was a well-known singer-songwriter. She was also a well-known TV producer, entrepreneur, and actor. She was also a generous philanthropist.

Rosie is also an American citizen. Jenni Rivera Enterprises was her company’s CEO, and she also appeared in Spanish-language reality series. In 2003, she had Kassandra with her ex-boyfriend. Later, in 2011, she married Abel Flores.

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Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth

Rosie Rivera is a Mexican television personality with a $14 million net worth. Rosie Rivera is best known as the younger sister of the late singer Jenni Rivera, who died tragically in a plane crash in 2012, but she is also a cast member of the Star TV show Rica, Famosa, Latina (similar to America’s “Real Housewives”.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Rosie Rivera is the eldest daughter of the famous Rivera family. She is now the executor of her late sister, Mexican singer Jenni Rivera’s, estate. Rosie, the late singer, left a handwritten note in charge of managing Rivera’s finances as the CEO of Jenni Enterprises if anything happened to her. Rosie’s new title puts her in charge of not just the late performer’s income, but also her brand and future music and product sales.

Full Name: Rosa Amelia Rivera
39 years
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
Net Worth: $14 million.
Birth Date: July 03, 1981
Horoscope: Cancer
Birth Place: California, USA

Career Journey

Rosie Rivera debuted on television in 2013 when she appeared in Jenni Rivera’s reality show. She also appeared in Famosa, Rica, and Latina, a reality show.

Rosie also wrote a book called My Broken Pieces about her childhood sexual assault. She discusses how her family’s love and support have helped her heal throughout the book.

She was also the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, her sister’s company. As a result, Rosie Rivera is one of America’s most well-known celebrities.

Rossie was featured in several reality TV shows in 2014 as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. She also appeared in a Mexican-American reality show. She was also a guest on the Tu Desayuno Alegre music TV series. She starred in the video Big Bad Mamas in 2007.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

She’s also been featured in a number of well-known publications. She and her husband, Abel, have released a podcast that teaches married couples how to create a healthy marriage.

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Rosie Rivera’s Awards and Achievements

Rosie Rivera has built a name for herself around the world thanks to her outstanding acting abilities. Rosie Rivera joined the industry in 2013, according to Wikipedia.

She has starred in a number of unscripted dramas, including Latina, Rica, and Famosa. She also appeared in Mexican TV programs and periodicals. Furthermore, Rosie gained international attention after she published the book My Broken Pieces, which detailed her early sexual abuse. Jenni Rivera Enterprise is her company.

Enduring Sexual Abuse

Rivera is the family’s last child. She got all the love she needed growing up with four brothers and a sister. According to a Medium interview, she didn’t even recognize how poor they were because the family’s tremendous love met all of their needs. Rivera’s happiness was cut short when her sister’s ex-husband, Trinidad Marin, began assaulting her when she was just eight years old.

The little girl had no idea about sexual assault at the time, and she trusted Marin and was happy to play the “love game” with him. It took Rivera a year to realize that he was mistaken, owing to a sex education class in fifth grade.

She was resolved to halt the abuse after that, but Marin threatened to kill Jenna, whom Rivera considered her best friend. As a result, the torture persisted, with Rivera mistakingly believing she was protecting Jenna’s life.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

When Marin’s niece confided in her when she was thirteen, she discovered that he was abusing Chiquis. Fearing that Rivera’s brothers might murder Marin, the two swore to keep their ordeal hidden.

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Turning Her Ordeal Into a Book

Rivera became enraged by the quiet and attempted suicide by cutting her wrists when she was 16 years old. Fortunately, she was a devout Christian, and the prospect of going to hell for dying by her own hands prompted her to seek out the bandages right away. Rivera knew she needed to tell someone when Marin threatened to take complete custody of the kids, so she told her mother and other family members.

Marin was reported to the authorities. Because he had become a fugitive, it took years for him to be convicted to 31 years in prison. Rivera became depressed as a result, despite the family’s efforts to get her to see a counselor and psychologist. She was an alcoholic, drug addict, and suicidal at the age of 25.

She was also married to an abusive man, according to Perez Hilton, and doing terribly at her real estate business. Thankfully, she was saved at the age of 25 and was able to turn her life around. She was no longer the fearful little girl, and she chose to utilize her experience to help others. “My Broken Pieces,” a book about her sexual abuse and its aftermath, was written by her.

Other works she’s written include “Finding Beauty in the Ashes” and “Take Your Power Back,” both of which are aimed at encouraging readers who are seeking recovery after experiencing abuse. Rivera has also become a motivational speaker, which could indicate that she is a high earner.

According to some sources, the highest-paid motivational speakers earn $312,000 per year. She must have amassed sizable money over the years because she has been doing it for so long.

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Becoming the Trustee of Her Late Sister’s Estate

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Rivera never wanted to be a part of Jenni’s business ventures. Jenni had a lot of business specialists around, but Rivera believed it was preferable to support her as a sister, as she told Billboard. Jenni and Rivera had a tight friendship, and Jenni was always concerned about Rivera’s well-being.

She even foretold wonderful things for her younger sister, all of which have come true. Jenni talked with her solicitor about her will one day and asked Rivera to be her trustee.

The younger sister seemed unconcerned about greed. Jenni also asked Rivera three weeks after their brief conversation whether she would be the guardian of Jenni’s children.

Jenni had named her eldest daughter Chiquis as the guardian at first. However, after learning that her daughter was sleeping with Jenni’s ex-husband, the late artist replaced Chiquis with Rivera.

As a result, when Jenni died on December 9, 2012, Rivera became Jenni’s trustee. The fortune, according to ABC News, was roughly $25 million at the time. Rivera became Jenni Rivera Enterprises’ CEO and was also in control of Jenni’s music and products.

Jenni’s children, on the other hand, kept asking for audits of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Rivera resigned as CEO to avoid misunderstandings and accusations of fund theft. She is still the estate’s executor, but she will step down in 2023. She must have been paid a salary that enhanced her net worth as CEO since 2012.

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