Who is Richard Madden dating? This list will provide you with additional information about the many notable women who have dated Game of Thrones star Richard Madden.

This detailed dating history has everything you need to know about Richard Madden’s love life, from his present partner to his former relationships, images together, and even dating rumors. He’s never been married, so don’t bother hunting for his wife.

You can find all of Richard Madden’s exes here, along with some background details like when they were born and what they do for a living. The only thing these women have in common is that they have all been Richard Madden’s exes at one point or another. The women Richard Madden has dated are easy fodder for envy, but you should do your best to control your feelings of resentment.

Ellie Bamber is the current girlfriend of Richard Madden. Jenna Coleman, Suki Waterhouse, and Laura Whitmore are just a few of the famous women who have dated or broken up with Richard Madden.

Jenna Coleman

Richard Madden Dating Jenna Coleman

Do you share my undying love for Jenna after watching Victoria? The same, in fact. For three years, from 2012 to 2015, she and Richard went back and forth in a casually private relationship.

But! When asked by Vulture about his time spent with Jenna on the set of Doctor Who, Richard said, “I mean, I’ve watched Doctor Who since I was a kid. It was fantastic, and it still is. Like when I visit the set and see the TARDIS, I can nerd out about it.

I was probably emailing my dad a dozen selfies of me doing this. Someone in the TARDIS: “Look, it’s me!” It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I don’t know what caused them to break up, but I can’t help but ship them again now.

Laura Whitmore

Richard Madden Dating Laura Whitmore

Richard and TV presenter Laura Whitmore started dating in the spring of 2016, at which point a source told The Sun, “Laura knows the Game of Thrones cast well, especially Kit [Harington], and got to know Richard through those connections. She has been telling friends she is excited by the new romance.

It’s still early days, but it is already clear they really like each other. Richard immediately felt a connection and thinks this could go somewhere, there was real chemistry between them. He has done much of the wooing but they’re both keen.”

Love a “keen” couple, but Laura and Richard reportedly split in August of that year due to their busy schedules.

Suki Waterhouse

Richard Madden Dating Suki Waterhouse

There were rumors that Suki and Richard were dating in December of 2016, not long after he broke up with Laura, but the relationship apparently didn’t endure. It seems unlikely that they ever dated seriously, so let’s move on.

Ellie Bamber

Ellie Bamber broke things off with Richard after dating him for roughly a year and a half, from 2017 to 2019. The whole thing has a dramatic ring to it, so hold on tight:

“They’re both absolutely gutted, but it was a decision made for the best,” an insider told The Sun. Their constant bickering near the end made it clear that no amount of couples counseling could save their marriage.

image 15

Now here’s the kicker: “Richard is the talk of Hollywood right now, so it’s only natural that he would like to kick back and relax. Ellie prefers to keep to herself and concentrate on her career.

Their routines seemed more and more distant from one another. Everyone close to them is devastated by their loss since they were practically inseparable from the day they met and had combined their networks of friends and relatives. Ellie and Richard both want to keep their friendship going, though.

Welp. Since this happened in 2019, and now it’s 2021, it’s unclear whether Richard has been consistently single or is just very good at keeping his relationships under wraps. In any case, I hope the best for him.

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Richard Madden, known for his role in Game of Thrones, has had several notable relationships with famous women. His dating history includes Jenna Coleman, Laura Whitmore, Suki Waterhouse, and Ellie Bamber, his most recent ex-girlfriend. Madden has never been married, and his current relationship status is unclear.

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