Putin Calls Obese 20st Retired General Lead Troops Ukraine

According to reports, as he is running low on senior officers, Vladimir Putin has brought a morbidly obese general out of retirement to command his soldiers in Ukraine.

In order to resuscitate his faltering invasion, the dictator of Russia is currently “scraping the barrel” and relying on General Pavel, 67, a 20th vodka drinker.

According to a source who spoke to the Daily Star, he reportedly oversees Putin’s special troops in eastern Ukraine after the unit’s prior commander was gravely hurt by artillery fire.

With almost forty years of gruelling experience, the huge veteran reportedly took part in Russia’s botched invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

General Pavel has transitioned into a calorie-dense retirement 25 years after first becoming the head of elite forces.

According to reports, he consumes at least a litre of vodka in addition to his five daily meals.

The general is claimed to have retired five years ago and was last seen residing in a Moscow suburb, but he was reportedly given the go-ahead to rejoin the Russian army last month.

Pavel, however, is no longer at the height of his powers; in fact, his weight is so great that his outfit needs to be created specifically for him.

The 67-year-old also wears two pieces of body armour to protect his broad torso.

Senior intelligence official: “Right now, Vladimir Putin is scraping the bottom.

Putin Calls Obese 20st Retired General Lead Troops Ukraine

“He is forced to use inferior officers who don’t stay very long at the front after the majority of his most capable and combat-proven senior commanders were killed or wounded while fighting in Ukraine.

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“General Pavel is among the generals he is now forcing out of retirement.

“Nobody can refuse to obey Putin, who is similar to a mafia boss.

“There isn’t much a retired general can do if he receives a communication from Putin asking him to fight in Ukraine. Thanks to the sanctions, there is no way out of Russia.”

After carrying out a ruthless purge of his generals, the warmonger is digging up retired soldiers to fill gaps in his frail army.

In keeping with his ongoing mass purge, a number of his senior brass have already been fired from important positions this week.

Putin Calls Obese 20st Retired General Lead Troops Ukraine

The despot is apparently grabbing at straws because the costly conflict in Ukraine has reportedly claimed the lives of nine generals and 55 colonels.

When a Ukrainian soldier shot down his chopper, Russian air ace Lt-Col Sergey Gundorov, 51, perished in a firestorm.

The low-flying Mi-35M helicopter was sent spinning through a field as shown on video as a missile struck it.

Additionally, Major General Andrei Simonov, another of his top commanders, is alleged to have perished in a rocket attack.

Additionally, according to reports, the onslaught killed about 100 Russians and damaged over 30 armoured vehicles, including tanks.

Putin fired his senior advisor after the bloody combat, in which Russia is reported to have lost up to 50,000 men.

According to reports, 60-year-old Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov was dumped because of “huge deaths” among the despot’s elite paratroopers.

As a result of four recent “suicides” of executives from the gas industry who were connected to the dictator, there are concerns that the Russian President may be purging his inner circle.

Putin Calls Obese 20st Retired General Lead Troops Ukraine

Russian sources in April, including a former FSB colonel on the Telegram messaging platform, described the suicides as “strange.”

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