Do you know what is Plop Star’s net worth? The odor-neutralizing tablet Plop Star has been heralded as the most discreet deodorizer in the world. Essential oils with a citrus aroma create a scent barrier in the Plop Star pills. A single Plop Star tablet is all that’s required for the dish.

Plop Star is used as a barrier between essential oils because of its ability to cover odors while also imparting a refreshing citrusy scent. The Plop Star Bowl Rocker fills the need for a lightweight and portable bowl rocker.

Plop Star was created specifically for those who have anxiety when using public bathrooms. When you have a Plop Star on hand, you can finish up any cleanup job in no time. Each of the 30 tablets is around two inches in diameter for your ease of use.

How Is Plop Star Doing Now?

Plop Star

In 2023, Plop Star is still operating as a successful firm. Nevertheless, you can’t buy the original product anymore because it was discontinued in 2021. However, in December 2021, the firm unveiled a deodorizing spray. In December of 2023, despite the fact that the new spray is still featured on Amazon, there won’t be any more available.

Also, the company will not be posting again until the end of the year 2021. That original product may or may not return to the market is an open question.

One company that did not secure funding from the Sharks was Plop star. Despite the fact that the business continued to operate for several years without the aid.

Later, however, the corporation reportedly failed to stabilize the market, as seen by our internet investigation. As a result, you won’t be able to buy it in stores until December 2023.

Plop Star Net Worth

Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank, Plop Star had a net worth of $1.5 million. Plop Star was the final company pitched on Shark Tank that was not offered a partnership. Those who put money into the market assumed Tyler Jay avoided it because he was reserved, nice, and quiet.

As a visiting investor, Rohan Oza was open to working out a deal. Regardless, he had to fight the stereotype that he was helpless. Then, without a signed contract in hand, he abandoned Plop Star.

What Is Plop Star Deodorant?

The Plop Star is a portable deodorizing toilet tablet. Essential oil with a citrusy fragrance was used to manufacture it. A layer of odor-preventing barrier is formed on the surface by the water and oil layer. In this way, a pleasant citrus aroma is produced while the offensive odor is neutralized.

The diameter of a single capsule is roughly an inch, while the size of the entire pack is about two inches. Moreover, you may purchase them in sets of 6 or 30 capsules. (Available on Amazon) About $12.99 is the price of one 30-capsule package. Several people were curious about the company’s founders because of the revolutionary technology used in the product.

Who Is the Founder of Plop Star?

The creator and proprietor of Plop Star deodorants are Tyler Jay. He received his degree in media and arts from the University of Arizona. After graduating, he took a job with a marketing firm.

Subsequently, in 2014, he established Tandem Corp, a company that produces creative media. He launched Plop Star in 2018 after several years of research.

What Happened at The Shark Tank?

Tyler appeared in the Shark Tank asking for $ 150000 for 10% of the stock. He grabbed attention with the dramatic arrival at a riding toilet. Then he provided a quick introduction and let the sharks try the samples. But, Mark Cuban chose to drop the contract first.

“I’m a man who loves to make my mark, and I’m out with prejudice,” stated Mark Cuban.

Then they enquired about the revenue and were concerned about the high price. Likewise, their attention moves toward the competitors like Poo-Pourri. Yet Barbara Corcoran decides to keep out of the agreement. Followingly Kevin O’ Lery drops the deal after her.

Lori also opted not to invest because there is a lot of competition. Unfortunately, guest shark Rohan Oza also chose to drop the contract. So, Plop Star left Shark Tank Without a contract.

Plop Star Shark Tank Update – What Happened After the Shark Tank?

After the premiere of Plop star, there was a surge in interest from fans. After the show, even Kevin O’Leary was impressed with the product.

Thus, according to the company’s official website and Amazon, it will remain operational until 2020.

The internet archives, however, show that there was a one-year lag in updates. Moreover, neither their website nor Amazon carried the product.

Finally, in December 2021, they introduced a spray bottle version of the product. But, as of December 2023, the product has yet to hit store shelves. In spite of what you may have read, Tyler Jay’s LinkedIn profile indicates that the business is very much alive and well.

Plop Star Product Review

Plop Star Product Review

The Plop Star capsule is a convenient way to prevent the spread of bathroom odors everywhere you go. It mimics the mechanism of a bath bomb while being significantly more compact. In addition, unlike other liquid items, they may be easily transported.

Also, there is no possibility of leakage. Several customers, however, worry that the product’s greater cost puts it out of reach.


Plop Star is a portable deodorizing tablet that neutralizes bathroom odors using essential oils with a citrusy scent. Despite not receiving a partnership deal on Shark Tank, the product gained popularity and was operational until 2020.

However, it was discontinued, and a deodorizing spray version was introduced in 2021, yet it has yet to hit store shelves as of December 2023. The founder of Plop Star is Tyler Jay, and the company had a net worth of $1.5 million before Shark Tank. The product received positive reviews, but some customers found the cost to be too high.

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