Play hard as you work hard! Patrick Mendes, star of 90 Day Fiancé, has a sizable fortune owing to his high-paying career. The K-1 visa Thais Ramone had obtained from her native nation of Brazil meant that her long-distance fiancé had to relocate to the United States and rely on him for financial assistance. Keep reading to find out how much money Patrick has and how he earns it!

What Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Patrick Mendes’ Net Worth?

Patrick Mendes ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Net Worth

Multiple media publications put Patrick’s net worth at $300,000.

How Does ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Patrick Mendes Make His Money?

Patrick Mendes ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Net Worth

According to In Touch’s claim, Patrick was a talented weight lifter who even prepared for the Olympics. His career was cut short, however, when he tested positive for illegal drugs twice in a succession.

Before moving to Texas, I had a successful weightlifting career. As he confessed, “I am now selling home security door to door and managing sales teams throughout Texas.” My door-to-door work has been quite successful, but since meeting Thais, I’ve prioritized trips to Brazil for two weeks at a time. I’m practically losing $1,000 a day every time I go there and am not working. As a result, that’s a huge success.”

Why Are ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone Fighting Over Money?

As soon as Thais landed in Austin, Texas, she moved into Patrick’s old home. As a result, the couple relocated to Dallas just a few weeks after she arrived. She expressed her displeasure at the size of the Dallas house as soon as they arrived, comparing it to the Austin one.

If Thais isn’t happy with the house, I don’t have time for it.” Patrick confessed in private, “Like, nada.” “I grew up in a trailer park. ” And there were six of us, so everyone had to share a room. Seeing it from that angle simply irritates me to no end. For me, this is a massive red sign. As you may be aware, it’s worth over a million dollars.

Patrick Mendes ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Net Worth

He was having trouble adjusting to their new home on the 19th of June, so Patrick brought her to a nearby furniture store to pick out some personal touches to help her feel more at home. When the Thais started selecting expensive stuff, the pair got into an argument about money.

This has a good point about making the place hers. I’d want to make her feel at home, but I’m not a huge fan of things like house decorations and miscellaneous objects strewn around. I guess it’s because I grew up in a poor household. When you’re poor, you don’t purchase décor; you buy food.

Since she landed in the United States, Patrick claims to have already spent “like $10,000” on Thais. So, Patrick responded, “I guess I’m getting cold feet squandering money on design when you having been here has increased my cost of living enormously.” Patrick also needs to pay for a wedding in the next several months. “It’s a lot,” she said.

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Upon returning home, the couple got into a heated argument over the $40 vase they had purchased at the store. Despite her repeated requests, Thais claims that Patrick has never divulged to her how much money he makes or has on hand. Patrick stated, “I make plenty.” “It’s always changing.”

Patrick promised Thais that after they were married, he would be more forthcoming with her about his financial situation. While fighting, Patrick gave Thais cash and his credit card in order to allow her to return to the furniture store and get what she wanted.

In her confessional, Thais remarked, “It practically made me ponder and understand that my father is correct.” I’m worried about [Patrick’s] conduct since he feels that Americans only want to take advantage of Brazilian women, that they want to purchase us with money. A man should not treat a lady in this manner. That’s not how you treat people.

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