Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty (born December 8, 1982), known professionally as Nicki Minaj, is a Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, and songwriter.

She is noted for her musical variety, snappy lyricism, dynamic flow in her rapping, and her alter egos and accents.

Nicki Minaj’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Onika Tanya Maraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj is an American Rapper, Actress, Singer, Songwriter, and a Model.

Minaj has released albums that peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 list, and she is regarded as a style icon for her elaborate outfits and wigs. Nicki only has 1 ink on her body. Come, and we shall discover its nature and significance.

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Here’s Why Nicki Minaj Got This Tattoo at 16 Years Old

NIcki minaj Tattoos

Musicians, who often have a flair with words, often get tattoos with deep meanings for themselves. Everyone from Ariana Grande to Chris Brown has a set of tats ranging from a few subliminal messages to an entire mural.

Though, some celebs aren’t as excessive as others and believe less is more. Nicki Minaj, of the Minajstars, has only two tattoos, which is hard to believe.

While both represent a lot to Minaj, no one forgets their first set of ink. Turns that the tattoo Nicki Minaj obtained at 16-years-old is more than just adornment.

The Meaning Behind The Tattoo

Considering her fame and success, Nicki Minaj’s apparent aversion to needles and tattoos is surprising. The celebrity isn’t a fan tattooing her skin, especially big physical components like a bone.

Reportedly the actress had her first tattoo at age 16. Originally, the rapper wanted for her Chinese tat to go on the back of her neck. The tattoo artist was asked to “drain the ink out of the vial, then test the needle on the back of her neck” per the rapper’s instructions.

Nicki Minaj, however, quickly learned that her tolerance for discomfort was not as high as she had imagined. Nicki Minaj, however, opted to have a print of the tattoo made on her left upper arm. Although the rapper may have experienced some short-term discomfort as a result of the tattoo, this was evidently not too severe.

Six Chinese hanzi characters, reading “Shàngd y n cháng zài,” make up Minaj’s tattoo. This phrase means “God is with me constantly” in English for those of us who don’t know much Chinese. The rapper’s inking seems like a reasonable choice. Considering how much she has accomplished, we can safely say that divine favor is on her side.

Why Nicki Minaj Tatted Herself in The First Place

A lot of people don’t realize this, but Nicki Minaj has a deeply religious family history. The expectant mother has mentioned in passing that she enjoys evangelical music. She has also recorded duets with gospel artists like Tasha Cobbs Leonard.

As an added bonus, the rapper comes from a very devout Christian background. Minaj’s pastor Lydia Wooden Sloley is a close friend of hers to this day. Minaj’s wedding to Kenneth Petty was even performed by the female preacher.

It is not surprising that the rapper would choose a Christian-themed tattoo, given her very strong Christian upbringing.

The tattoo’s religious significance, while important, is not the only reason Nicki Minaj got it. Minaj’s diverse heritage might be seen in yet another light according to this new piece of evidence.

Many of Minaj’s admirers are aware that she was born in the Caribbean, but they may not know that she has Indian and, more crucially, South Asian ancestry. Her Minaj obviously honored her background with her decision to have a religious tattoo printed in Chinese.

NIcki minaj Tattoos

Despite what her parents may have believed, she got a tattoo because of the rapper’s ideals. For a while, Minaj was “disowned” by her mother because of the tattoo. The rap star has admitted that she is sorry she got tattoos when she did.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj made the false allegation that a 16-year-old “has no notion what to put on their bodies.”

She obviously attaches great significance to the tattoo. She attributes her inked Chinese hanzi characters on her arm primarily to her upbringing. Most 16-year-olds wouldn’t think to have anything substantial inked on their body. Nicki Minaj appeared to be a mature young woman.

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