Justine Persaud, Montana Millz’s wife, is a professional Instagram model. Life After Lockup made stars of Montana Millz and Justine Persaud. Inmates and their significant others are the focus of this episode. Millz, whose real name is Michael Persaud, was born and raised in the Bronx.

Because of his difficult upbringing, he turned to criminal activity to support himself. Millz started rapping when he was 12 and has since been in a number of hip-hop shows.

Since Millz got sober and began working with MLP aka Mike Lewis, he and his wife have become a couple. After Lewis heard the rapper’s rap sample, he decided to collaborate with him.

Through their collaboration, the artist went from being an aspiring rapper to a successful recording artist.

The Love Story of Montana Milz and Justine Persaud

The Love Story of Montana Milz and Justine Persaud

Justine Persaud and Montana Milz have been wed for almost ten years. The couple started dating in 2003.

Since they were reunited in 2006, following the release of her husband from prison, Millz and Persaud have been dating. The Pennsylvania prison in Johnstown housed the rapper for four months.

He gained notoriety after making his appearance in season four of “Love After Lockup.” Three episodes—episodes three, four, and five—featured the couple.

Together, the couple has seven kids. They have three from prior relationships and four of their own. In July 2023, they will welcome the newest member of the family.

Montana Millz’s Shoe Business

Montana Millz's Shoe Business

The rapper’s name inspired the name of the shoe company, Montana Millz Sneakers. His website claims that business is thriving.

Sneakers cost anything from $299.99 to $999.99. His inexpensive footwear is the only one left after the rest have all sold out.

His shoes are priced high so that he and the customer can haggle over a fair price.

According to the rapper himself, he never accepts predetermined pricing and always haggles with his customers.

Millz added that his increased profits could be traced back to the haters who visited his website and spread the word to real fans who ended up buying his shoes.

Montana Millz Collaborates with Rapper and Producer Moka Blast

Moka Blast showing off his threads with a high-performance automobile. Millz has collaborated with the rapper and the producer.

Manager Moka Blast of the Montana Millz is also known as Lydell R Birch. Millz’s connection with his wife has deteriorated because of Blast. He thinks that in order for Millz to achieve his goals, he must first leave his wife.

It was revealed on March 17, 2023’s show that Millz had to pretend to be single in order to win over female admirers as a rapper. Despite his attempts to bring Justine’s husband and Justine back together, Justine’s husband continued to ignore him.

Montana Millz Collaborates with Rapper and Producer Moka Blast

The 43-year-old producer, like his wife, appears to have worked for various organizations before settling down in Montana. All throughout the world, he has helped record companies and talent agencies.

Blast’s discography features the albums Radiius, Supper, Testament, Highly Irritating, and Sorry I Took So Long.

Did Montana Millz Ever Perform At Latin Grammy Awards?

Millz claims that he has appeared on the Latin Grammy Awards show. However, his efficiency has not been demonstrated.

Someone on Reddit questioned the performer’s honesty and said that he may have lied to his fans. Therefore, the artist’s claim about the performance seems to be discredited due to the absence of contrary proof.

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Montana Millz and his wife, Justine Persaud, gained fame after appearing on the reality show “Love After Lockup”. The rapper’s shoe company, Montana Millz Sneakers, has also been successful. Despite rumors of marital issues due to collaborations with Moka Blast, the couple remains together and is expecting another child. While Millz claims to have performed at the Latin Grammy Awards, there is no evidence to support this.

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