Miranda Lambert Is Unfazed By Fans' Thirsty Comments On Her Husband's Shirtless Instagram Photos

Your thirsty remarks on her attractive husband’s shirtless Instagram photos have been seen by Miranda Lambert, and she understands.

“If you got blessed with all of that, don’t loot the planet,” I tell him. Songwriters have to put their work out there. As long as you look this good, I say, “Get your picture taken!” Her husband, 30-year-old Brendan McLoughlin, has a well-defined six-pack, and she tells PEOPLE that he appears frequently on both of their social media pages.

A three-month courtship between Lambert and McLoughlin, a former New York City police officer, led to their wedding in 2019. The Grammy-winning singer says her marriage has helped her find her footing.

“She says her favorite thing about McLoughlin is “his smile. I believe I’ve really calmed down and gotten out of my thoughts and whatnot because he’s so full of joy. This one is quite contagious.”

Miranda Lambert Is Unfazed By Fans' Thirsty Comments On Her Husband's Shirtless Instagram Photos

Lambert has finally found the stability she’s been looking for since her divorce from Blake Shelton in 2015 when her subsequent romances generated criticism on social media and made her a tabloid target. With McLoughlin, Lambert has finally found the security she’s been looking for.

The couple, who have a 3-year-old kid together from a previous relationship, splits their time between her Nashville-area farm (where they have six horses, five dogs, two cats, two goats, two miniature horses, and a few hens) and New York.

Wanda June Home founder Lambert adds, “I want to be upfront about how happy we are,” and she recently started her own company. “Honestly, I don’t give two shits what other people think of me or my marriage, my music, or anything else. I only worry about being myself.

The fact that he jumped directly into this way of life was amusing; there’s a learning curve for a New Yorker who moves to the woods. The company of someone who loves and supports you and has faith in your abilities is comforting in such a situation. He adores me because of who I am. At this point in my life, it’s a wonderful luxury to have.”

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