Amina Muaddi: Who is She & Did A$AP Rocky Really Hooked up With Her?


A$AP Rocky, as Mayers is known on stage, allegedly had an affair with Rihanna’s close friend Amina Muaddi.

It’s worth noting that this controversy has erupted just days after a portion of a photoshoot for Vogue magazine, in which Rihanna flaunts her pregnancy, was leaked.

The rapper’s friendship with Amina, according to Louis Pisano, an influencer and fashion pundit, extends back several years.

Who’s Amina Muaddi?

amina muaddi

Amina Muaddi is a well-known shoe designer from the Middle East. Rihana was blown away by her talented and exquisite shoes.

Muaddi gained notoriety as her name was linked to A$AP Rocky’s breakup with the same Rihanna.

Muaddi, on the other hand, has a vast list of high-profile clients, and her company aims to redefine women’s footwear.

Amina Muaddi is a 36-year-old Egyptian woman. She quickly established herself as Hollywood’s “go-to designer” for fashionable footwear.

She is a half-Romanian, half-Jordanese woman. Muaddi, on the other hand, was born and raised in Italy.

She’s been focusing on developing the best shoes for ladies since 2012, and she’s become one of the best designers in the world.

How is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty linked to Amina?

Rihanna’s Fenty label contacted the shoe designer after hearing about her song “We Found Love.” Jahleel Weaver introduced Muaddi and RiRi. Amina’s artwork immediately drew the attention of the 34-year-old musician.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty even asked Amina to design shoes for her upcoming Fenty collection in 2020. “Fenty reached out to me because Ri liked what I made and she was wearing my shoes and flaunting them brilliantly,” Muaddi stated in an interview with Harper Bazaar.


Amina Mauddi Denies The Rumours About A$AP Rocky Hooking Up With Her

Muaddi said, “Unfortunately, we live in a society that is so ready to talk on things regardless of factual basis,” in a message uploaded via Instagram Stories and through Tweet.

Muaddi’s statement

How did the fans react to the Rumors about RiRi and Rocky’s split?

When accusations of Rocky cheating on Rihanna with shoe designer Amina surfaced, people were taken aback. They sent a deluge of messages on Twitter.

“The way Rihanna has utilised Amina Muaddi’s exposure, as a brand and as a designer,” one fan said. She is in some Amina’s every time she steps out, such is her devotion to the brand. If this is true, I’m at a loss for words. This is horrible for business, awful for friendship, bad for everything.”