Lil Kim, happy birthday! On July 11, the rapper will turn 46, and she has much to be proud of in terms of her career and longevity. Kim began rapping as a teenager and began making her mark on the industry 25 years ago, when she was discovered by Notorious B.I.G.

Lil Kim has been a fixture in the hip-hop community for so long that she’s literally grown from a young woman to a confident adult right in front of our eyes. Kim has been the subject of plastic surgery rumours over the years due to her changing appearance, but she has remained tight-lipped about her changing appearance. Throughout it all, Kim has remained a style icon, sporting a slew of fierce looks at award shows, red carpets, and other events.Emmy Rossum’s Incredible Transformation as Angelyne Continues in New Set Photos!

lil kim transformation

Lil Kim is now a full-time mother in addition to her career. Her daughter, Royal Reign, was born in 2014, and the two have an incredibly close relationship. Kim is, however, extremely private about her personal life. She’s not afraid to post photos and videos of Royal on Instagram, but her love life has been keeping a low profile lately.

Lil Kim has won a Grammy, three Video Music Awards, and has been nominated for a slew of BET Awards during her successful rap career. Kim’s most recent album, 9 (2019), was released that year. Her fashion sense is also as impeccable as ever. Lil Kim frequently wears tight and outlandish mini dresses on the red carpet, and she always looks stunning when she attends award shows and other events.

In honour of Kim’s 46th birthday, we’re looking back at her incredible transformation over the years, from a young, fresh-faced rapper to a stunning mother. Scroll through the gallery above to see photos of Kim both then and now.

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Lil Kim’s transformation over the years

lil kim transformation

Biggie and Lil Kim famously dated from 1993 to 1997, until the ‘Juicy’ rapper was murdered.

They first met when Biggie spotted Kim during a rap battle on the streets of Brooklyn in 1993, and they began dating soon after, despite the fact that he was still in a relationship with his high school sweetheart and baby mama, Jan Jackson.

Biggie later married R&B singer Faith Evans in 1994, but he maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with Kim.

During this time, Lil Kim’s career was taking off after she was discovered by her then-boyfriend.

Kim undeniably changed the game for female rappers and was a fixture in the hip hop scene, with many of her songs and looks serving as inspiration for today’s female rappers.

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Has Lil Kim had plastic surgery? What surgery has Lil Kim undergone?

lil kim transformation

Lil Kim has been the subject of plastic surgery rumours for quite some time, as the rapper has become somewhat unrecognisable over the years.

She previously opened up about the nose surgery she had after revealing in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in 2005 that she was in an abusive relationship, which caused her to have a broken nose.

The ‘Magic Stick’ rapper revealed that she had previously undergone a procedure on her nose to “fix it,” but was left with a “broken nose, black eyes, all that stuff” as a result of her violent relationship, necessitating additional surgeries.Faith Evans

It was widely assumed that she had also had breast augmentation, chin and cheek fillers, and an eye lift, and when asked why she wanted to change her face, she said in the same interview, “I think I did it because I was a little too vain at the time.”

“I was trying to be perfect.” “I’m a perfectionist,” she admitted, adding that she could be “excessive” when it came to surgery at times.

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