On Thursday, Laine Hardy, the winner of “American Idol,” told People that police were following him.

“I have been accused of a crime, and a warrant has been issued for my arrest,” 21-year-old Hardy said late Thursday night.

As many as 12,000 of the country singer’s fans gathered to show their support for him, but he refused to reveal what he was accused of.

Early Life:

Laine Hardy Net Worth

After being born on September 12th, 2000, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Hardy spent most of his childhood in Livingston, Louisiana.

As a general contractor in the construction industry, his father, Barry, and his mother, Cindy Lou, are employed by the same company. Both Kyle Banta and his older sister are members of his family.

His paternal grandmother immigrated to the United States from Seoul, where she was born. In 2018, he earned his high school diploma from French Settlement High School.

After learning to play the guitar at the age of eight, he began performing with his brother and cousins as the Band Hardy in local taverns and restaurants at the age of fourteen. His brother encouraged him to sing even though he wasn’t inclined to do so at first.


In 2018, Laine Hardy released an EP titled In the Bayou. I think it had three. He did it later that year with the release of “Blue Christmas.” After winning American Idol, he released his “Flame” song on May 19, 2019. The View aired it in May of this year.

On September 20, 2019, when Hardy announced his first solo tour, he stated that it would run from November 14 through December 7, 2019. This thirteen-city trek would take place across the USA. Let There Be Country and The Ground I Grew Up On will be released in April 2020. On American Idol in May 2020, he performed “Life Is a Highway.”

Laine Hardy Net Worth

Tiny Town” was released in July 2020, the same month as his recovery from COVID-19. “Please Come Home For Christmas” was covered in September. The release of “Other LA” to streaming services coincided with the release of “Tiny Town” to the radio.

In May of the following year, Hardy will release a new song titled “Memorize You.” A few TV appearances later, including the 2020 National Tree Lighting Ceremony, he announced his retirement from acting. After he performed it on ABC’s The Bachelor, the song received positive reviews and became a hit. A few weeks after the release of his debut single, “Authentic,” he announced the release of his debut album, Here’s To Anyone. On September 17th, the album was released.

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Laine Hardy’s Net Worth

Laine Hardy Net Worth

Laine Hardy is worth $1.5 million, according to the latest figures. His primary source of income comes from his singing career. On the other hand, Hardy’s successful career has provided him with a luxurious lifestyle and a fleet of high-end automobiles. He is one of the richest American Idol contestants.

Laine Hardy’s Source of Income

It’s no secret that Laine Hardy is a multi-millionaire singer and social media star. He has 584K Instagram followers and 164K YouTube subscribers, which indicates that he is well-paid.

With his singing career, Laine has amassed a sizable fortune while still in his twenties. But he hasn’t revealed how much he makes each day.

Exactly how much money he makes in a month is not known. However, he has made between $591 and $1688 on YouTube in the last 30 days.

How Much Does Laine Hardy Make in a Year?

Laine Hardy Net Worth

He makes more than $13,472 a year from YouTube alone. Every time he uploads a video to YouTube, he is paid $753. Despite his notoriety as a performer, he makes a respectable living as a musician. Always keep in mind that these are only approximations of actual statistics and values.

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Is There Anyone Dating Laine Hardy?

Gracie, Laine Hardy’s long-term girlfriend, has moved in with him.

Laine Hardy Net Worth

Laine Hardy Arrest

When he was accused of bugging his ex-room girlfriend at Louisiana State University with an electronic recording device, Hardy was arrested and taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

In response to Hardy’s arrest request, his ex-girlfriend and roommate discovered the device, which had been hidden in the futon of their dorm room. When Hardy told his ex-girlfriend details about her private life that she hadn’t previously shared with him, she became suspicious.

Ex-girlfriend Hardy, who was not a student at Louisiana State University, allegedly confessed to his ex-girlfriend that he had bugged her room, but claimed that the device had been disposed of in a pond. After his arrest, it was discovered that Hardy had been working with the police.

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