Kim Kardashian Insisted She Had only Botox in The Past, but Plastic Surgeons Disagree

When asked about the skin treatments and techniques she uses to keep her face immaculate, Kim Kardashian told Allure magazine’s cover story that she has “a little bit of Botox” between her eyebrows.

As for filler in her lips or cheeks, she claims she has “never” done so, as well as any other part of her face.

“I have never gotten eyelash extensions. For the record, I haven’t done anything,” she continued, adding, “I really, genuinely care about looking beautiful.”

It’s safe to say that I’m more concerned about things than the vast majority of individuals on the earth.”

Kim Kardashian Insisted She Had only Botox in The Past, but Plastic Surgeons Disagree

The reaction from supporters was predictable. There are varying opinions on whether or not she has had work done to her nose and chin: one Redditor said she looks like an “alien” these days, while another claimed it was “obvious.”

Plastic surgeons have also questioned her statements, noting that her face structure appears altered from what it looked like in 2018.

Kim Kardashian showcases her toned physique in a silver bikini—check out the picture!

Following her 2018 Paris robbery, the mother of four reportedly took some time away from the spotlight. It’s probable that she used that time to have any surgeries and heal.

“Her cheekbones have been accentuated, which is a remarkable aspect of her appearance.

With either implants or fillers, this may have been achieved “In Beverly Hills, Dr. Michael Obeng, who is not the star’s doctor but has speculated on the subject, “There is no doubt that she has been touched on the face.

Several minimally invasive procedures, such as lasers, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), fillers, and/or implants, might have been used to produce this new look.”

Kim Kardashian Insisted She Had only Botox in The Past, but Plastic Surgeons Disagree

Gaspar Rosario, an NYC-based Nurse Practitioner who has never worked with Kim Kardashian, told Radar that he can see the lateral and anterior areas of her cheeks are rounder, and her jawline is narrower.

Fillers may have been used in Kim’s cheeks to restore the “apple” in her cheeks, according to my expert opinion.

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