Kim Kardashian Innovator Awards

In the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian acknowledged to having a fashion identity crisis following her divorce from Kanye West.

The reality star admitted to suffering “panic attacks” after she was no longer able to confer with her ex-husband about what to dress during a candid conversation with her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

When Kanye and Kim started dating in 2011, he began styling her and notably cleaned out her whole closet at the start of their relationship. Kim told Kourtney, “I got to the point where I simply wanted to seek him for an opinion on everything, right down to what I dress.” “I’m getting panic attacks right now, thinking, ‘What do I wear?'”

Kanye West styled Kim’s Saturday Night Live outfits, but she dressed for the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards in October. She explained, “How do I wear anything that hasn’t been pre-vetted?” Kim chose a skintight dark brown leather dress from her Fendi x SKIMS collaboration, which she paired with matching gloves and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. She partially undid the garment’s back zipper to show snakeskin boots below.

Kim Kardashian Innovator Awards

Kanye, reportedly not a fan of the outfit, called Kim the next day to voice his disapproval. “He told me my career was ended and showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something identical,” the fashion mogul explained, leaving Kourtney speechless.

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Kim continued, “I’ve been fighting to find my own style since the divorce.” “I’ve always loved fashion. But I’ve never been a really imaginative person. I know what I want, but I’ve never been the visionary kind “Kanye was always in charge of her closet, she revealed during her confessional.

“I’ve always had faith in him, and it’s not just because of his clothes. We didn’t have anything in common other than that. With my sisters, I was always Kim Kardashian. I was Kimye at the time. Kim Kardashian? That’s the difference between the two. Without Kanye, how can I get there?”

Kim then recalled Ye’s role in last year’s SNL hosting assignment, which was followed by an appearance at the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards in November.

Kim continued, “Then I earned the innovator award for SKIMS from the Wall Street Journal magazine.” ‘How do I wear something that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted?’ I wondered. Is it a source of anxiety for you? “Is this a poor outfit?” When the reality star confessed that Kanye had phoned her, she was shocked. “He told me my career was ended, then showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something identical,” she explained.

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“I know what I enjoy, but I’ve never been a visionary.” ‘You should do your hair this way,’ Kanye would say. ‘This is how you should do your makeup.’ It’s clothing that is his love language.” I’ve always had complete faith in him. He used to send me weird emails with all these looks and what my style should be in the early 2000s…

He’ll also provide me with a ton of references. So that’s what we’ve always done.”

Kim Kardashian recently revealed photographs from the MET Gala After Party, when she was photographed wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Norman Norell gown from the 1962 Golden Globes.

Kim Kardashian Innovator Awards

“Topping off my night after The Met, I had the distinction of changing into Marilyn Monroe’s Norman Norell dress that she wore to the Golden Globes in 1962 – where she earned the Henrietta Award For World Film Favorite,” she wrote.

In my search for the Jean Louis hand-beaded gown I wore to the gala, I discovered Marilyn’s legendary green sequined gown at @heritageauctions.”

“As I dug more into my study, I discovered that the Golden Globe she won that night belonged to none other than my pal @jeffleatham.” This was all proof of how the stars had aligned for me.

Being able to harness my inner Marilyn in this way, on such a unique night, will always be one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you to Heritage Auctions, Barbara Zweig, and Jeff for assisting in the creation of these memories,” she continued in her caption.

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