Kim Kardashian Admits She Was Merely After Sex with Pete Davidson

When it came to dating Pete Davidson in the beginning, Kim Kardashian admits it was all about sex.

Last year, after Kardashian, 41, headlined Saturday Night Live, the pair were the subject of speculation.

Davidson, 28, and Kim, who played Aladdin and Jasmin, respectively, exchanged an on-screen kiss that went viral.

The couple ultimately went ‘Instagram official in March after being spotted by paparazzi all over the place. They haven’t looked back since.

Kim, on the other hand, has stated that she had no intention of dating Davidson.

She’d heard about Pete’s ‘BDE’ (big d*** energy) and was simply ‘DTF’ (down to f***), according to the reality star, who had recently split from her ex Kanye West.

During an episode of The Kardashians, she chuckled, “I was just thinking, like, I heard about this BDE and I need to get out there.”

“I’m in need of a kickstart,” she stated, adding, “I was virtually DTF.”

Kim Kardashian claims that it wasn’t just about his energy as the couple spent more time together.

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He was also described as “the best human being I’ve ever met,” according to her.

Added Kim: “People always tell me how funny he is, and it’s all because he is funny. But that’s about the fourth reason I like him.

Kim Kardashian Admits She Was Merely After Sex with Pete Davidson

“He constantly wants the best for others, is capable of handling any situation, and does so gracefully. He’s incredibly considerate, humble, and sincere.

“Genuine is the term that comes to mind while describing him.”

In a recent social media post, however, the SKIMS founder was criticized for looking at herself while kissing her lover.

She was clearly looking at the camera in one of the clips, while the King Of Staten Island actor appeared to be having a good time.

While some people were ecstatic to get a glimpse into their relationship, others mocked the reality star for staring at herself in her phone’s camera.

“She was too preoccupied with the camera to return his kiss,” one person remarked. Yikes…”

Another wrote, “She has no idea who she’s standing next to since she’s so obsessed with staring at herself.”

“Watching her make heart-eyes emoji at her own reflection and then remembering he’s there as well,” a third person said.

“Seeing her make heart-eyes emoji at her own mirror and then remembering he is there too,” a fourth contributor commented.

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Opposites Attract

Kim Kardashian Admits She Was Merely After Sex with Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson, on the other hand, had been trying to contact Kim for months and had attempted to do so well before her SNL appearance.

“‘Is this crap for real?’ Megan Fox texted me after we got together and it was like a thing. Because he asked for your phone number months ago, and I told him, ‘Dude, you have a better chance of me and MGK Machine Gun Kelly getting devoured by crocodiles than you ever receiving her phone number.’ ‘As though it’ll never happen,’ says the narrator “Kim agreed to participate.

“I mean, I never realized you could be so content just watching TV shows and going to the gym,” she says.

“I mean, I don’t mind if I go out without any makeup on. It’s a wonderful feeling not to be thinking, ‘Oh my goodness,’ all of the time “According to the former KUWTK star.

Kanye West’s sixth divorce lawyer recently resigned, so things aren’t looking well for Kim’s ex.

They were hammering out the details of Kim and Kanye’s split, but his new legal counsel, hired only two months ago, has decided not to cooperate with him due to an “irreconcilable breach in the attorney-client relationship.”

Kim Kardashian Admits She Was Merely After Sex with Pete Davidson

North, eight, and Chicago, four, are the former partners’ girls, while Saint, six, and Psalm, three, are the former partners’ sons.

When her sisters Kourtney and Khloe prodded her for additional information, the Hulu began to gush about the comic, expressing how at ease she feels around him.

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