Ye, also known as Kanye West, is a hip-hop artist, record producer, and fashion designer from the United States.

He was born Kanye Omari West on June 8, 1977. He is recognized as one of his generation’s greatest musicians as well as one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop artists of all time.

Kanye West Gets Matching Tattoos with Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy: ‘We Here Forever Technically’

Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy are “forever” connected to Kanye West. The trio shared a snapshot of their matching tattoos on Instagram on Wednesday.

The “Stronger” rapper, 45, Lil Uzi Vert, 27, and Lacy, 24, posted a photo of themselves extending out their arms with their freshly inked upper arms prominently displayed right above the elbow.

Meza Fram, a tattoo artist from Los Angeles who also posted the picture on her Facebook, posed with the performers while taking a selfie in the mirror with her phone. The tattoos read, “We here forever technically,” in two distinct fonts.

The identical line was used as the post’s caption by Lacy, and Lil Uzi Vert added, “Technically .”

Dedicated to West’s late mother Donda West, Donda’s Place posted a close-up image of the tattoos on Instagram.

kanye west tattoos

After Chaney Jones, who was first connected to the rapper early this year, appeared to sever their relationship with her own ink, Kanye got his most recent tattoo.

The rapper Ye, whose name he legally changed to last year, seemed to be permanently inscribed on the 24-year-old model’s left wrist in May.

The two were first connected in February when they were spotted shopping together in Miami’s Bal Harbour. They later traveled to Japan for a brief holiday in early May.

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After that trip, they allegedly broke up, according to TMZ. The 24-time Grammy Award winner was also seen in June with another woman at the cinema, according to an Instagram user.

Only two of herself were left on the model’s Instagram account after she reportedly erased all images of her with the rapper.

Jones, though, appeared to dispel suspicions on Wednesday when she uploaded a video to her Instagram Story wishing West a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday, infant. I cherish you, “Over the cute photo collage video, she wrote.

So how Many Tattoos Does Kanye Have?

Although Kanye West is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, his marriage to Kim Kardashian has allowed us to see a more human side of him.

Kim shared a picture on Instagram of Kanye West getting two new tattoos honoring his late mother Donda West and his daughter North on Thursday night (actually early Friday am).

On the inside of his wrists, he inked the dates of both of their birthdays in roman numerals. How many tattoos does Kanye West have in total? You can see several of his other inks on his forearms in the picture Kim shared. Kanye loves tattoos.

Although it’s impossible to tell for sure how many tattoos Yeezy has—hey, he might have some we’re unaware of—it appears like he has five

To check if he had any on his chest, I actually googled “Kanye West shirtless” (very important research). Additionally, Yeezy has lovely legs and they are tattoo-free, as you may have noticed if you’ve ever seen a picture of him wearing shorts. So he must be an arm man.

From Kim’s picture and any picture of ‘Ye with his sleeves rolled up, we can tell that his arms are almost entirely covered with tattoos. With the addition of the two additional birthday tattoos, he has at least five tattoos that we are aware of.

Some people mistake the lengthy scroll on Kanye’s left arm for a poem by Maya Angelou, but it is actually a compilation of songs that have had a significant impact on his career. He has both produced and performed several of them himself.

“You Made Me,” “This Can’t Be Life,” “Izzo (The Anthem),” “Hey Mama,” and “Nothing Like It” are among the tunes. Interestingly, when discussing “Nothing Like It,” Kanye stated that he constantly strives to be original and unique in order to give the public “something fresh,” but he hoped that this wouldn’t be his demise.

He continues to express his views on genuine artistry with the same frankness 13 years later (lest we forget BeckGate).

Yeezy also sports a sizable dragon on his left arm and a massive medieval-style Madonna and child image on his other arm. It may be another homage to Kanye’s mother Donda, from whom he drew strength and for whom he wrote the immensely moving and potent “Only One,” though he has never verified it.

A painting of a mother and child on someone who loves his late mother so much seems to be a logical fit. Kanye rarely does anything without a profound purpose.

The same is true of his most recent tattoo, which bears the dates of birth of his mother and North.

kanye west tattoos

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I have to wonder: When is he going to get a tattoo for Kim? He has a lot of people in his life that he loves and is committed to. Is it going to be literal? More figurative? A tattoo that looks just like one of her selfies? I’ll choose the final candidate.

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