Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl halftime show praises Gloria Estefan: ‘They Killed It’

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's 2020 Super Bowl halftime show praises Gloria Estefan

During the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform together. Gloria Estefan has given her opinion.

This was the first time two Latina women had shared the stage with each other as co-headliners, and Lopez, 52, and Shakira, 45, delivered an outstanding performance.

Andy Cohen brought up Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix documentary Halftime during Estefan’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday when the “Jenny from the Block” singer remarked that her and Shakira singing at the halftime show was “the worst idea in the world.”

Estefan, 64, says she’s heard good things about Lopez’s film but hasn’t seen it herself.

When Shakira and J. Lo performed at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, she told the crowd, “This is the bottom line, you have very little time.” “You’ve got about 12 minutes or so to get the setup and take it down. With one person, could you accomplish it? Yes. But I’m guessing they were hoping to create a Latin and Miami-themed party. Because they were trying to cram everything in, it was destroyed. This was an incredible performance.”

At the time of the halftime performance, Estefan, who was also asked to sing, remarked, “Imagine what J. Lo would have said if I had been the third person in line. The lyrics to her blockbuster song, “Conga,” would have spilled out of her mouth: “Come and shake your body,” she remarked, referring to the song’s lyrics.”

Estefan replied no when Cohen asked whether she would accept the offer “Yes, I agree. This is their chance. They’re in a completely different realm of existence at the moment. I’ve been to a few Super Bowls as an announcer. A diet was something I was adamantly opposed to doing in the midst of the holiday season. It’s Christmas time!”

In 1992, 1995, and 1999, Billboard reports that Estefan performed at the halftime concert.

It is indicated in Halftime that Lopez and her music director Kim Burse were anxious that they would not be able to put on an impressive performance because of the little amount of time they had available.

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“Our time is running out. When a song has 30 seconds remaining, and we take a minute, we’re down to our final five bars “Per Entertainment Weekly, Lopez informs Burse. “But there must be a few songs that we recite from time to time. We can’t go through life without a few songs in our hearts. Dance f—-ing revues aren’t what this is. Singing is the only way we can spread our message.”

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