Jenna Jameson Illness

Jenna Jameson Illness: Is Says Ongoing Physically and Mentally Exhausting

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Jenna Jameson insists that she is not crippled.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story on Monday, the adult film star stressed that she is “able to move” her legs and is “not paralyzed,” after previously stating that she is suffering an unknown ailment that has left her unable to stand on her own.

“All I have is terrible muscle weakness.” “I’m having some troubles with my left nerve,” Jameson explained, adding that she’s “slowly” regaining strength.

“I’m out and about – with a walker.” “My legs have lost a lot of muscle, so I’m working on regaining it,” she continued. “Not only has it been physically demanding, but it has also been mentally demanding.” “Very cognitively taxing.”

While her diagnosis is still unknown, Jameson says the problem arises from her left femoral nerve, which travels from the hip to above the knee and regulates the surrounding muscles.

Despite the physical difficulties, she stated that she is not giving up and would persevere, describing the situation as “messy” and “mentally demanding.”

Jenna Jameson Illness

Jenna Jameson has confessed that her continuing health concerns have been both physically and mentally taxing as she battles an unknown ailment.

In January, the 47-year-old former adult film star was misdiagnosed with the rare autoimmune condition Guillain-Barré syndrome after muscle atrophy in her legs rendered her unable to walk without assistance.

And, after spending many weeks in a Hawaii hospital while doctors investigated the cause of her health problems, the model has given an update on how she’s doing.

Jameson wrote on her Instagram Story on Sunday: “I’m still standing. I’m obviously at home. I’m gradually regaining strength. I use a walker to get about. My legs have lost a lot of muscle mass, therefore I’m working hard to regain it.

“This has been not just physically demanding, but also… mentally demanding. I’m used to facing difficult obstacles.”

In a follow-up video, Jameson demonstrated that, despite her inability to walk unassisted, she could still lift and move her legs.

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“I’m not disabled,” she assured her fans. “I’m currently battling with severe muscle weakness and difficulties with my left femoral nerve… It’s a pain, and it’s not enjoyable, but I enjoy a good challenge, so there’s that.”

“Other than not being able to walk, life is fine,” Jameson said after demonstrating the course of meat-based vitamins she’s been taking as part of her recovery regimen.

She explained: “Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I’m fighting, kicking a**and naming names, and that I’ll be back up on my feet, unassisted, and life will return to normal shortly. I mean as normal as I am capable of being.

Jenna Jameson Illness

“I appreciate all of your support and the lovely DMs I’ve received. It’s nice to open my DMs and see all the love.”

Jameson also praised her partner, Lior Bitton, with whom she shares her 4-year-old daughter, Batel Lu, in a later video. In the early weeks of Jameson’s hospitalization, Bitton had been providing updates on her condition.

Jameson said of her partner: “He’s doing about as well as you’d expect. He’s a tough person, but this is a dangerous position for him. So far, all he’s done for me is kicking my a**.

“He commutes to Los Angeles for work on Jtushy, our clothing line, and he’s been starting up where I left off with all of this wellness stuff. Finally, I’m a lucky lady!”

Jameson had been “throwing up for a couple of weeks,” according to Bitton, which led to her initial hospitalization. She had a CT scan, according to Bitton, before physicians sent her home.

“Then she returned home and couldn’t carry herself,” Bitton explained. “Her leg muscles were really weak. As a result, she was unable to walk to the bathroom.

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“She was tripping and falling on her way back or to the restroom. I’d need to lift her up and carry her to her bed. Then, after two days, everything started to go downhill. Her legs began to give way, and she was unable to walk.”

When Jameson was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, she came out in response to claims that her condition was caused by the COVID vaccine. The disease has been identified as a “very unusual” side effect of the Johnson & Johnson COVID injection.

Jenna Jameson Illness

“I didn’t get the jab or any jab,” Jameson stated in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. “This isn’t in response to the barb. Thank you for expressing your concern.”

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a “rare autoimmune condition in which a person’s own immune system attacks the nerves, causing muscular weakness and sometimes paralysis,” according to the CDC.

The potentially fatal illness’s symptoms can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years, with some patients suffering irreversible nerve damage. Many people who are diagnosed with the illness go on to recover completely.