Jena Frumes Says Jason Derulo's 'disrespect' and 'cheating' Destroyed Their Relationship

An Instagram fan who questioned Jena Frumes’ value responded to her on Thursday.

The 28-year-old model and actress, who is married to 32-year-old musician Jason Derulo and has a 13-month-old kid, uploaded a picture of herself in a bikini and wrote, “Home.” “You are lovely, deserving of attention, and unique. Keep that in mind.”

What method is it worthwhile, a follower questioned? before making a statement on Frumes’ breakup from Derulo. “Your child is a bastard and you’re playing the w—— part since you’re not married. You guys are morally confused.”

Jena Frumes responded promptly and stated, “We had originally hoped to get married, so it’s a shame that it didn’t work out.

However, it’s possible that being single is preferable to being in a relationship where you are frequently insulted, betrayed, and lied to. Or would it be wiser to keep quiet so that others like you would agree?”

When PEOPLE reached out to Derulo’s manager for comment regarding the claims, they did not respond.

Jena Frumes Says Jason Derulo's 'disrespect' and 'cheating' Destroyed Their Relationship

In a longer post that she subsequently uploaded on her Instagram story, Frumes claimed that all she ever wanted from Derulo was “a family to love and enjoy life with,” but that his alleged infidelity and disrespect prevented her from achieving that.

“Women should not be regarded and assessed in this manner. Nobody wants to be a sole parent.

Knowing I’m the only one in this is the worst heartache and failure for me personally. You will never be at peace in that relationship if your non-negotiables are put to the test “She wrote.

“We will never be able to make it work “happily,” I was bluntly told. If a man wants a different female in his family every week, I will never accept it. Sharing a partner that I adore with all of my heart will never be acceptable to me! “The influencer carried on.

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Regarding Jason Derulo’s alleged infidelity, Frumes provided more specifics, stating, “Stop criticizing the women as though we decided to be single mothers; if the streets come first, I can’t change that. That s—- really irritates me.

Jena Frumes Says Jason Derulo's 'disrespect' and 'cheating' Destroyed Their Relationship

You have no idea what women endure while attempting to “make things work.” Money or dating a famous person were never factors.

We planned a baby and a future together because I was in love. Life must move on even though it didn’t work out. Don’t bother me.”

Nearly five months after the birth of their son Jason King, Derulo and Frumes split up in September 2021. In March 2020, the two began dating.

Derulo tweeted at the time, “Jena and I have chosen to separate ways.” She is a wonderful mother, but we believe that at this time, being apart will enable us to be the best parents and individuals we can be.

Derulo said in an interview with PEOPLE in November that despite their breakup, he and Frumes had a “great connection.”

Given our new relationship as co-parents, Derulo stated, “It’s a beautiful thing that we can assist each other.”

“We have a wonderful connection, and since our circumstances are unique to us, we don’t care whether we’re misinforming others about them.”

He continued, “We love our son beyond all else, and his well-being is really essential to us. “She also has my undivided attention, and I want her to be well.

Jena Frumes Says Jason Derulo's 'disrespect' and 'cheating' Destroyed Their Relationship

She is really important to me. Contrary to popular assumption, we have a wonderful relationship.”

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