Jed Wyatt's Engagement to Ellen Decker Follows His Breakup with Hannah Brown

The final rose has been handed out by Jed Wyatt.

On July 17, Bachelorette alum Chris Harrison proposed to Ellen Decker in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Additionally, Jed released photos of the proposal, which took place at sunset in a picturesque field, along with his joyous announcement.

Ellen’s hands cover their faces in disbelief as they watch the musician get down on one knee and propose to her.

In the caption, he wrote: “Ellen, you are the greatest delight of my life.” “In the face of adversity, we don’t run away from each other. People questioned us, but we just laughed it off.

We’d have days where we drove each other crazy, but we’d always come back to our senses. The bond between us is stronger than anything I could have hoped for.”

Jed Wyatt's Engagement to Ellen Decker Follows His Breakup with Hannah Brown

When he proposed to Hannah Brown in Season 15’s finale, Bachelor Nation star Nick Viall said on July 15 that he had “so many different” feelings this time around.

After a few months of knowing that you’re going to propose to the woman of your dreams, “turns out, it can take a toll.” It was, however, worth every second of suffering that brought us here.

He went on, saying “Ellen Decker said yes to me despite the fact that I cannot recall what I said when I was down on one knee.

Love, support, and sparkles are all my responsibilities to you. I’ve had one of the happiest moments of my life waking up next to that ring on your hand the past few days. Ellen, you’ve earned it all. Let me begin by praising my future husband-to-be.”

Ellen Decker said on her Instagram Story that she had “zero knowledge” that Jed was planning to pop the question to her just days before her birthday, She continued, “I cried my eyes out the whole time. I’ve had a crush on this guy since I was a kid… This is going to be a lifetime together.”

Also, the personal trainer posted a video of her wearing the oval-cut engagement ring Jed gave her and said, “BABE DID SO DAMN GOOD.”

Jed Wyatt's Engagement to Ellen Decker Follows His Breakup with Hannah Brown

“It’s safe to say that Friday night made it the best birthday weekend of my life.” On her Instagram account, Ellen wrote: “When I first saw him, I knew he was the man for me.”

He has “taught me so many things about relationships, fitness, animals, the variety of rocks, music, and have been so patient with me,” Ellen said, calling him “the biggest blessing in my life”

“When things become rough, we’ve always been there for one other. At the end of the day, we always chose each other “She kept going.

“No matter how bad things become, you’ve never given up on us. I’ve never known love like this. For the rest of my days, I will wake up to the sound of your voice. Let us toast to our everlasting union!”

Several other Bachelor Nation stars, including Dylan Barbour, Katie Morton, and Luke Stone, left comments on their social media posts following their engagement announcement. Godwin penned the following: “It’s a great day! Congratulations, you two!”

Jed Wyatt's Engagement to Ellen Decker Follows His Breakup with Hannah Brown

In November 2019, Jed and Ellen made their relationship Instagram official. Her last relationship with him ended when she found out he was seeing Haley Stevens on the ABC show, The Bachelorette.

Jed later stated that he was “not a cheater” and that he and Haley were not in a relationship that was exclusive.

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