Jaime Xie Net Worth

Chinese-American entrepreneur, model and reality TV star Jaime Xie is well-known in the media. Both her parents are from China, as are her siblings. In 2021, she became a member of the first core cast of the Netflix series Bling Empire, and she’s been there since then.

We’ll talk about Jaime Xie’s personal life and financial situation in this article.

Early Life:

Jaime Xie Net Worth

Jaime Xie was born in Atherton, California, on November 9th, 1997. His father, Ken Xie, is the CEO and founder of Fortinet, a Silicon Valley-based security company. Eric Yuan, the man who founded Zoom, had him as an early investor and consultant.

In 2020, Xie was on the Forbes 400 list. Jaime grew up competing in equestrian sports in the Bay Area. In 2014, she was ranked first in the country. The following year, she received the USEF Horse of the Year Award.


Xie began competing in equestrian events in elementary school and has worked her way up to being an equestrian champion and performer.

She took first place in the USEF 16-17 small junior hunter class, among other victories. At the age of 20, Xie decided to give up competing in favor of a career in fashion.

Jaime Xie Net Worth

When Xie first went to fashion week, she was just 17 years old. She was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in New York, but she chose Los Angeles instead. After a year, Jaime left her job to start her own business.

In addition to her own website, Jaimexie.com, which has over 500,000 Instagram followers, she also has a large fan base on the photo-sharing app. The Webster, Selfridges, SSENSE, Tiffany & Co., Piaget, Farfetch, LUISAVIAROMA, and La Prairie are just a few of the companies with which Xie has previously worked.

On the other hand, Bling Empire, which premiered on Netflix on January 15, 2021, quickly became one of the most popular shows on the platform, regarded as a guilty pleasure and an escape from reality. Bling Empire stars Cherie Chan, Christine Chiu, and Kevin Kreider.

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Jaime Xie’s Net Worth

Jaime Xie Net Worth

By the year 2022, Jaime Xie’s net worth is expected to exceed $50 million.

Xie’s monthly salary could range from $74 to $1.2, or from $892 to $14,300 yearly, depending on the job.

Aside from that, she is the proud owner of a lavish YouTube channel where she frequently posts vlogs and shows off merchandise from some of her favorite brands.

Net Worth: $50 Million
Age: 23
Born: November 9, 1997
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2022

There are about 100,000 subscribers to Jaime’s YouTube channel.

Social Blade estimates that even without the income from commercials, her channel brought in $14,300 in annual viewership.

It’s clear from her clothing choices that she has a lot of disposable income, as she only wears high-end labels.

Jaime was able to appear in the “Crazy Rich Asians” episode “Bling Empire” because Xie is the wealthy Ken Xie’s daughter. This is a major factor in Jaime’s decision to show up.

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How Does Jaime Xie Spend His Money?

For Jaime Xie, it’s all about the high-end clothes she buys.

Jaime Xie’s Wardrobe

There is a lot of money spent on Xie’s swanky wardrobe. Her videos feature designer labels like Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Prada, and Balmain, among others. She has a large collection of designer handbags and jewelry.

Personal life:

Jaime Xie Net Worth

A search of the internet and Jaime Xie’s social media accounts failed to turn up any pictures of the actress with any men. Despite her young age of 23, Jaime doesn’t appear eager to be seen with a romantic partner.

Because of her recent breakup, she’s naturally feeling depressed about being single. She doesn’t need anyone to slow her down now that she’s a successful person with a family fortune and considerable fame ahead of her.

If you’ve ever heard Jaime speak, you’ll understand why she’s single right now. When she grows up, she wants to be a model or actress, and she’s fascinated by fashion and the entertainment industry. So, she doesn’t have time to worry about frivolous things like dating because she’s too busy advancing her career.

The fact that Jaime is constantly surrounded by attractive men from all over the world and yet she has never been in a relationship baffles me. When the handsome reality star falls in love with you, you’ll know you’ve struck gold.

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