Some fans are uncertain about the coach and father of tennis champions after the release of Will Smith’s King Richard.

Will Smith is advancing to the front of the line even though Oscar season is just around the corner.

The story of Richard Williams, the father of tennis champions Serena and Venus, is told in Smith’s most recent box office smash, King Richard, which made its debut this week in theatres all around the world.

However, despite the fact that King Richard has a huge following on social media and that many of them express their ideas online, there have been some rumors about his health and whether or not he is still alive.

Is Richard Williams Active Currently?

Is Richard Williams Still Alive? Fans Are Curious About King Richard's Tennis Coach!

The father of Venus and Serena Williams, Richard Dove Williams Jr., is indeed still alive but in failing health, according to the New York Post.

The 79-year-old experienced a significant stroke in 2016 and, regrettably, has since endured a slew of other strokes. In court documents for a case against his ex-wife, Lakeisha, in 2019, Williams also disclosed that he had a neurological ailment that was affecting his capacity to talk.

There were several misconceptions on social media after the November 19th debut of King Richard, leading many fans to wonder if Williams was still alive.

These rumors seem to have first surfaced in response to multiple posts tying the film to a “tribute” to Williams, which implied that Williams had passed away.

Fortunately, users were quick to refute any claims that Williams had passed away. One such user was SNY News Anchor Chris Williamson, who simply tweeted, “Richard Williams is still alive btw.”

His son Chavoita Lesane is currently taking care of Richard Williams.

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Will Smith Is Hailed as King Richard by Fans

Is Richard Williams Still Alive? Fans Are Curious About King Richard's Tennis Coach!

While the tale of King Richard is wonderful, viewers and critics have focused especially on the acting in the show. Especially with regard to Will Smith playing the lead.

Smith does a fantastic job, thoroughly embodying the character in one of the few roles to date that called for him to completely relinquish his signature Will Smith charm. — The Guardian.

Other media sites also expressed the same opinion, with Marca predicting an Oscar nomination and Vulture stating Smith “gave his own poetic physicality to the part.”

Will Smith does a great job playing Richard Williams as a whole. The outburst was justified by the accent, tone, demeanor, and offenses. Another lovely movie shows off Smith’s tremendous range. — Letterboxd.

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In the Court, Broken Glass?

Is Richard Williams Still Alive? Fans Are Curious About King Richard's Tennis Coach!

Richard Williams’ commitment to his goal of becoming a tennis champion is undeniable, but a recent admission by a former instructor shows how far the training exercises went.

According to Rick Macci, who was portrayed by John Bernthal in King Richard, there would be shattered glass strewn around the court’s perimeter during practice, he told The Sun.

Macci explained Williams’ strategy for Venus and Serena, saying, “the one thing I knew Venus and Serena had is they’d run over broken glass to fetch a ball.”

“Richard occasionally threw glass pieces into the court. Because the glass was back near the fence and behind the baseline, they wouldn’t back up and take the ball early. — The Sun.

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