Is Lil Nas X Pregnant

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant? The Rapper Announced His Montero Album with A Pregnancy Photo Shoot


Despite what the incredibly realistic maternity photo session he posted might suggest, Lil Nas X isn’t really pregnant.

The rapper used the photographs to promote his upcoming album, which he refers to as “his baby.” The rapper took the phrase literally and launched a pregnant photoshoot.

He’s wearing a white robe with a floral crown and a visible baby bump in the images.

“SURPRISE!” Lil Nas X commented on Twitter after sharing the photos. I can’t believe I’m finally saying something. “MONTERO,” my little bundle of love, is due September 17, 2021.”

He also shared a photo of a sonogram, with an image of himself from the album’s cover art in the center.

The rapper told People that the inspiration for the shoot came after hearing Megan Thee Stallion’s line on his new dog Dolla Sign Slime for the first time.

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant

“Oh my God, this is great,” he exclaimed, “so I immediately called my hairdresser.”

“Wow, this all fits together,” she exclaimed. It’s your record. “This is your child.” “Yeah, this is my baby, huh?” I said. “Yeah, you should do a pregnancy shoot,” she joked.

“You know what, I was like, “You know what? That’s fantastic.” So now the complete thing is coming out, and it’s going to be incredible.”

In the weeks leading up to the album’s release, he continued to upload prenatal videos and photos, and on the day of its release, he posted a video of himself in the hospital giving delivery.

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The timing of the photographs could not be better, as Lil Nas X just uploaded a spoof of Drake’s Certified Lover Boy cover art on Instagram on Monday, with the exception that he depicts pregnant males.

“There’s no way the cosmos is aligning up this perfect for this to happen,” he laughs.

“I guess I am the father as well as the mother,” Lil Nas X says when asked if the album is a perfect conception.

“But I guess the producers who worked on it are like dads as well,” he continues, before adding, “Or maybe uncles.”

Montero was mostly produced in lockdown during the last year. Last week, Lil Nas X remarked on Twitter that the making of this new album was “therapeutic.”

He now admits, “I’ve changed in so many ways.” “I’ve changed the way I deal with a variety of circumstances, including how I deal with sadness and anger, and simply realizing that I don’t have to react to emotions in specific ways. I have no control over how I feel, but I do have control over how I respond. I’ve learned to ignore other people’s comments.”

Lil Nas X says he also learned “to have full faith in myself” while working on this record.

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant

“I’m the only one who has to believe in myself,” he says. “This year, I’ve been able to perform a lot of self-affirmations that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do two years ago.”

The songs on the new album, from the emotional “Sun, Goes Down” to the infectious “Industry Baby,” depict Lil Nas X’s entire trip here, from “places I’ve been to places I want to go.”

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He tells me, “You’re getting a lot of stories about me.” “You’re going to hear a lot of stories about my history and where I want to be in my romantic life. They’re a bop, though. I think I’ve finally struck a good balance between being as authentic as possible in my music and writing a smash song.”

Lil Nas X collaborated with Elton John on “One of Me,” Miley Cyrus on “Am I Dreaming,” and Doja Cat on “Scoop” on the album, which also has his previously released hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

He, like any other parent, has a lot of aspirations and wishes for his upcoming “baby.”

“I hope this album reaches every single corner of the earth,” he continues, before asserting, “It’s going to happen!”