We all know that the actress and singer, who has previously dated cameraman Josh Stancil and composer Hal Rosenfeld, began her relationship with lover Bradley Collins in 2020, and as of October 2022, the two are still blissfully and adorable happy.

Fans want to know about Chrissy and Bradley’s present situation, including whether or not they are engaged. Read on to learn more.

Chrissy Metz and Bradley Collins Celebrated Their Second Anniversary of Dating

In an Instagram post published on Tuesday, the 41-year-old musician and “This Is Us” actor toasted two years of dating Bradley Collins.

Happy Two Years to You, Babe! Metz wrote in the post, which included a picture of her with Bradley Collins and a kiss on his cheek. “I am a very fortunate girl to be able to adore and learn from you every day. We are really thankful that we met in this lifetime. I cherish you. XO.”

The post received appreciation and heart-eye emoji comments from the actor’s followers right away.

Bradley and Chrissy, happy anniversary! Never part ways,” one user said.

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Is Chrissy Metz Married Now? Rumours Exposed

The This Is Us actress, 40, addressed the rumour that she and her boyfriend, Bradley Collins, are engaged during a virtual appearance on SiriusXM’s The Covino & Rich Show on Tuesday. However, the actress was seen wearing what seemed to be an engagement ring.

When asked by the two hosts to address speculations about the ring she was wearing, Metz responded, To be crystal clear: Please allow me to show you guys the ring.

The ring is in this “She spoke before displaying a gold piece of jewellery to the camera”. “For me, Bradley purchased it. I’m so thrilled you’re addressing this. Many thanks.”

Is Chrissy Metz Married Now?

We went shopping for a friend’s crystals, and although I adore crystals as well, I thought, “Wait, this is a ring that he bought me for Christmas,” The ring is a honeycomb, as Metz has stated, and she is “crazy with bees.”

“I adore bees. Who in the world thought that this was an engagement ring, to begin with? “She added. “Therefore, it’s just hilarious that they go with it. It’s definitely not a slow news day, I think. Let’s discuss some important topics.

Okay? Compared to a ring I might be wearing, it’s more like what’s happening in our nation. I exclaimed, “Y’all, goodness!” I appreciate you clarifying it, though. Although I adore this honeycomb band much, it is not an engagement ring.”

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Who was Chrissy’s Ex-Husband?

Is Chrissy Metz Married Now?

Martyn Eaden and Chrissy were wed on January 5, 2008, and they divorced on December 11, 2015. In her 2018 memoir This Is Me, the actress discussed how their marriage ended and what factors contributed to it.

She stated: “We’re simply not a good fit. But I care about him and I’m always looking out for him. I continue to strive to be a better ex-wife than I was a wife.

“I had no idea how to interact with Marty without abusing them. My anger-related guilt persisted.”

According to Chrissy, “I was making great efforts to take control of my connection with my body, break the habit of eating my emotions, and stop associating eating with giving and receiving love.

I believe you should put your energy towards letting go of someone before forgiving them.

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