The closing episode of “The Boys'” third season ruins everyone’s calm plans and leaves a massive mess for season four, just as fans assumed it would wrap up everything in a beautiful bow.

Homelander (Antony Starr) and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) face off in a climactic father-son duel at Vought Tower, which provides some closure to this season’s Supe manhunt. Butcher (Karl Urban) comes to terms with his death wish; Homelander regains custody of his kid Ryan, and Starlight Erin Moriarty becomes an official member of the Boys after a helpless Maeve (Dominique McElligott) flees town.

It’s possible that the ascension to power of one of “The Boys'” most important characters will lead to yet another major calamity.

Season three of “The Boys” begins with a massive cliffhanger from Victoria Neuman (played by Claudia Doumit), an anti-Supe activist/congresswoman. This time, things get much more convoluted.

In "The Boys," Claudia Doumit Reveals What Happens to Victoria Neuman

Another surprising revelation about Neuman is revealed in this season’s finale: she’s a contender for vice president of the United States. She and the Supe will have far more clout in the US government as a result of their collaboration with Homelander.

Season two’s head-exploding courtroom sequence showed what Neuman’s terrible Supe powers could accomplish, but fans can only imagine the devastation she’ll cause now that she has a higher rank in the capital.

During the third season, Neuman’s past is explored in greater detail, focusing on the bond she has with her daughter, Zoe, as well as her links to Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) and Homelander.

As for Neuman, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of her personality this season. As Doumit explains to POPSUGAR, she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her character or the plot until she gets her scripts.

In "The Boys," Claudia Doumit Reveals What Happens to Victoria Neuman

Doumit had no idea she was the Supe responsible for popping everyone’s heads until she received the screenplay for the seventh episode of season two. As a result, it came as a nice surprise to the actor when her role in season three expanded in more ways than one.

This season, we got to learn more about Victoria Neuman’s personal life, which was exciting for me,” she says.

“For me, as an actor, that was endlessly intriguing because we were able to see this character, who we had previously seen as unassuming, come to life.

Afterwards, thanks to a major plot twist, we learned what lies beneath her various masks and witnessed her most vulnerable and painful moments.”

A Homelander who’s out of control and the return of Soldier Boy are just two of the threats that the boys face in season three of “The Boys.”

As Butcher deteriorates, the Boys attempt to save him by injecting him with Temp-V, a nearly lethal amount.

To keep her Compound V a secret while also securing her political future, Doumit’s character has been doing dirty deals with Homelander and Starlight while they were on their assignment.

Neuman’s cunning and shifty ways make it hard to tell if she’s actually a bad person or an undercover agent working for the greater good.

In "The Boys," Claudia Doumit Reveals What Happens to Victoria Neuman

“Neuman, as a character, is intriguing in that she straddles neither extreme. That girl isn’t a Supe. No, she’s not a member of the group known as the Boys.

Her motivations and allegiances are difficult to pin down because she resides in her own world “According to Doumit, “Her character this season is one of moral ambiguity, and I know she’s a smart thinker with a keen eye for detail, as well as someone who likes to plan ahead and isn’t afraid to be dishonest.

I prefer to think of her as a figure who is engaged in a game of three-dimensional chess.

But this season, she’s been thrust into some severe circumstances, and she can no longer rely on her method. She’s forced to make some desperate choices that may benefit her in the short term, but they’ll harm her in the long run.”

For example, Neuman gave her daughter Compound V injections as a last-ditch effort to keep her safe in the future.

A loose thread involving Zoe may return in season four in order to ascertain whether Neuman’s actions come from a positive place. “That’s what I love about the show, in my opinion.

It’s so simple to label someone as good or bad, but I think this programme does an excellent job of showing how ethically murky everyone on the show is “Doumit adds to the conversation.

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I suppose the appeal of audiences is that no one is completely awful or definitely excellent. “Everyone actually goes through the gauntlet.”

In "The Boys," Claudia Doumit Reveals What Happens to Victoria Neuman

For Doumit, it is a privilege to be a part of “The Boys” cast and crew who are kept “blisfully” unaware of the show’s current troubles.

When it comes to the recipe for the finale’s actual shock value, she describes it as “beautiful and crazy.” Doumit says she’s “very honoured” to get the season three shock that opens up a whole new world for “The Boys” in season four.

The next adventure of the Boys may go in any number of directions, thanks to writer Eric Kripke’s penchant for creating unexpected plot twists. Doumit, on the other hand, confesses she has no idea what her next plot arc will be.

Kripke, she says, “will always do the opposite of what I anticipate is going to happen and then come up with something greater than that.”

“Consequently, I’ve learnt that I can’t predict what will happen to my character because I don’t know and I won’t ever know. If the scripts never arrive, I’ll have to cross my fingers.”

Fans of “The Boys” are well aware that the programme never ends well, no matter how unconventional it may be. Doumit can only guarantee that season four will bring us pain and suffering because filming hasn’t yet begun.

“I don’t have to be a psychic for that,” she asserts confidently. “They give you hope, purity, and hearts and rainbows for the future, but then they sh*t all over it. It is all downhill from here on out. You should try it out.”

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