NBA players’ height is frequently questioned, which is nothing new. Basketball fans frequently discuss a player’s height because it is one of their key physical characteristics.

In the game, there is frequent debate about a player’s actual and perceived height. The main reason for this mismatch is that a player’s height may vary after it has been officially recorded in the NBA records following the draught.

A player is actually selected at the age of 18 to 19. It is entirely normal to grow one or two inches during the ensuing few years. With age, it’s also possible to lose one or two inches.

Recent searches among her fans have included “What is Michael Jordan Height.” Therefore, we have updated Michael Jordan Height in Feet, Inches, and Centimeters in this text.

How Tall Is Michael Jordan?

how tall is michael jordan

During his sophomore year, Michael Jordan tried out for the basketball varsity team but was rejected because, at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters), he was too short to compete at that level. The only sophomore to make the squad was his taller friend Harvest Leroy Smith.

In an effort to establish himself, Jordan led Laney’s junior varsity squad and averaged 40 points per game. The following summer, he gained four inches (10 cm) and intensified his training.

  • Michael Jordan Height in Centimeters – 194.9 cm
  • Michael Jordan Height in Meters – 1.94 m
  • Michael Jordan Height in Feet – 6’4”

Is Tom Brady Taller than Michael Jordan?

Lewis Hamilton, who is 5 feet 8.5 inches tall, is barely dwarfed by Jordan in the image (1.74m). He also seems a little shorter than Tom Brady, who is 6 feet 4 inches
(1.93 meters), tall.

Because of the increase in inquiries, there has been significant discussion over Michael Jordan’s “actual height.”

But this puzzle has a fairly straightforward solution. Nearing 60 years old is Michael Jordan. With age, a person’s height decreases.

Jordan was likely 1.98 m tall when he was in his late teens, but he is no longer. Brady, who is far from a teenager himself, is nonetheless a professional athlete competing at the greatest level.


NBA Legend Michael Jordan is 194.9 cm Cm and 6’4” Feet Tall.

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