How Adriana Lima Has Been Exercising While Pregnant

Adriana Lima, the supermodel, and longtime gym goer are stepping up her fitness regimen despite the fact that she’s expecting her third child.

The luxury personal training gym Dogpound, where she has been exercising with owner and CEO Kirk Myers for years, has now named Lima an investor and worldwide brand partner.

As a result, she and he will be collaborating on the gym’s growth and marketing, as well as her own health and fitness during her pregnancy.

While she’s pregnant, People report that the 41-year-old has changed her fitness program to “something lighter” and “less strenuous” which has historically included things like boxing, jumping rope, heavy lifting, and slamming battle ropes.

According to Adriana Lima, she’s only lifting “very light” weights with her upper body in order to “stay moving.”

” Even though she has a full-time job, she makes time for meditation, regular walks maybe two or three times a week, as well as stretching.

How Adriana Lima Has Been Exercising While Pregnant

One of the “keys” to Lima’s routine, along with physical therapy, is this final one. She told People, “You have to stretch your muscles to avoid injuries. When I was a kid, “And that’s something I didn’t pay much attention to.”

Lima’s earlier two pregnancies Valentina and Sienna, ages 12 and 9, respectively were marked by nausea, hunger, and heightened senses of smell, but this pregnancy has been “amazing,” she says.

However, she’s already looking forward to getting back into the gym once she’s recovered from childbirth.

This is why I’ve been working out for so long,” Lima told People. “This portion of my life is incredibly crucial.” Every type of exercise that you can think of, I’ve tried. Now I’m eagerly awaiting my return.”

She’s prepared, too, thanks to a post-baby nutrition and training regimen she and Meyers came up with. After the birth of a child, Lima usually begins exercising six weeks later and has a schedule in place for her workouts.

How Adriana Lima Has Been Exercising While Pregnant

Throughout Lima’s fitness quest, Kirk Myers has been an integral part of the process. “He was fantastic at devising on-the-spot routines that he felt could gently push me and my body,” she explained. In 2015, Dogpound opened its doors to the public in New York City.

When Lima met Myers for an athleisure photo session at the gym, she remarked, “straight away you see how inspirational he is” and “the love he has for helping people reach their objectives.”

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