Tony Horton is an American personal trainer, author, and former actor. He was born Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. on July 2, 1958. He is well known for developing the popular home fitness program P90X.

He worked as an actor and performed some improv. He served as the NordicTrack spokesperson and made appearances in the Thighmaster and Shakeology infomercials.

He appeared in a variety of Beachbody-marketed workout videos, such as Power 90. Later, he produced numerous follow-ups, including P90X (Power 90 Extreme), which was his first big success, P90X2, and P90X3.

Tony Horton became rich and famous as the brains and muscle behind the early 2000s DVD-based fitness revolution. Thanks to a steady lifestyle and a strong commitment to maintaining his physical fitness, Horton, who is now 63, is still in great form and looks like a million bucks.

Tony Horton Diagnosed With Ramsay Hunt

Tony Horton, a fitness expert and the creator of P90X, regularly posts motivational quotes and energizing training videos to his Instagram account, but a recent entry stood out. In it, Horton discloses that he has received a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a side effect of shingles.

“What started as a perfectly normal day ended up with a trip to the emergency room and a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome,” he wrote in the post on Wednesday. “This battle has taught me quite a few lessons; many lessons I thought I had already learned, and thought I was putting into practice.”

“Shingles is caused by stress and apparently I’ve been stressed and wasn’t even aware of it,” he continued. “Now it’s time for me to look at how I suppress my emotions and try to fight through everything with exercise alone.”

According to Horton, he first realized anything was wrong approximately three weeks ago when he experienced a right-side headache and a tingle in his ear. The following morning, he realized he was unable to whistle and that something was strangely wrong with his face. But he continued to believe that he might have pinched a neck nerve.

Tony Horton Illness

A few days later, he discovered he couldn’t close his right eye and drooled whenever he attempted to sip water. He claims, “The scorching and anguish got worse.” He visited the emergency room, where the staff discovered that he had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

He was released, but when his symptoms worsened later, he returned to the ER. “I’ve experienced balance problems, vertigo, excruciating pain, and vomiting—I was really throwing up in the waiting area as they tried to get me into a bed,” he claims.

“I have broken legs and fractured kneecaps; this is the most intense thing I have ever experienced. There are so many things happening at once, and it’s unrelenting.

Horton is currently taking steroids and anti-viral medications, but he continues to experience vertigo, has Bell’s palsy, and his right eye doesn’t blink as quickly as his left (sudden weakness on one side of the face).

So, despite the fact that things are gradually improving, he is still not feeling well. “I have to take cat naps all day. I’m not even close to being able to drive or exercise,” he claims. I just have little bursts of energy before I have to lay down.

Is Tony Horton With Beachbody?

Tony Horton Illness

Around 2018, Tony Horton resigned from Beachbody. since he developed his own at-home exercise programmes for other businesses. Around 2019, Next Level was released, and it is now available on Amazon.

As of 2021, Tony also posts his exercises on Tonal. He also introduced the Power of 4, a programme that emphasises mindfulness, food, supplements, and exercise. Although we’re eager for him to have more creative freedom on the exercises, it’s difficult to discover them.

Here’s What Tony Said About Leaving Beachbody:

Many people are curious as to why I quit Beachbody. In actuality, I never left. I’ve had the good fortune to work on a few passion projects with a few different businesses, but my love and support for the organisation that changed my life—and yours—have not wavered.

Juan U., a close buddy who has experienced two heart attacks and is a fan of P90X and 22MHC, travelled to Los Angeles to train with the Sunday crew in honour of his 56th birthday. Take Some!


It was determined that Tony Horton had type 2 Ramsay Hunt syndrome. An uncommon variation of shingles that affects the facial nerves is the auto-immune illness.

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