Paul Anthony Gosar is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 4th congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party and has been in Congress since 2011.

Prior to his election to Congress, he was a dentist and owned a dental practice in Flagstaff, Arizona. Gosar is known for his conservative views, particularly on immigration and healthcare. He has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act and has supported efforts to repeal it.

While speaking at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, US Representative Paul Gosar appeared to experience strange muscle spasms, which fueled rumors that he had Parkinson’s disease.

Does Paul Gosar Have Parkinson’s?

On March 5, Gosar addressed supporters during a “Rock n’ Roll Rodeo” campaign event held in Morristown, Arizona. Gosar’s head appeared to roll unintentionally while he spoke.

Many made assumptions about his condition, suggesting that it might be Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, or Tardive Dyskinesia. The Republican firebrand, who previously dismissed such worries and assured voters that he was “healthy as a horse,” hasn’t remarked on the same, though.

paul gosar illness

Acyn Torabi shared a video of Gosar from the Saturday event and commented on Gosar’s condition on Twitter, saying “I don’t want to remark too much on Gosar’s condition but it does appear to be getting worse.”

Despite their political disagreements, many people on social media sympathized with the GOP representative. The MSNBC host Katie Phang remarked, “I’m no doctor, but it appears like he’s in the mild stage of Parkinson’s.”

It’s not mild at all, a Twitter user added. “Not these choreoathetotic movements, but rigidity and stiffness are more common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In my opinion, tardive dyskinesia is more plausible. Another possibility is Huntington’s illness, which typically runs in families and would impact his siblings as well “they claimed.

“Grandma had Parkinson’s disease. Sadly, this seems to be a common situation. I find it unbelievable that he is continuing. He needs support, “another composed.

In a comment, someone wrote, “My Grammy looked like this (and eventually worse) for a few years before she reached the statue stage, which set in about 6 months before death.” “After becoming garbled whispers, speech almost completely disappeared. After months of stillness, she finally managed a few sentences last week.”

“In any case, signs of Parkinson’s disease include cognitive deterioration, psychological issues like sadness and psychosis, as well as poor impulse control. These are crucial factors in determining whether he should hold a position of power “Another spoke up.

Of course, there was also a tonne of offensive tweets. One person wrote, “I’d like to be more compassionate as someone whose father and mother-in-law suffered from Parkinson’s, which is what this looks like, but his party accused Hillary of having it, so nothing from me.”

Another said, “It doesn’t seem like karma is something you can fix.” “As long as he is intellectually capable of performing his duties…….wait, I briefly forgot about who we were talking about. forget it, “Another person added.

The Arizona Republican has hid his hands in his pockets, under tables, or behind his back in an effort to conceal his spasms in the past. He assured The Arizona Republic in 2015 that his ailment wouldn’t have an impact on his chances for political office.

The three-term congressman, who was 56 at the time, told the publication that two compressed vertebrae in his lower back and neck had created nerve problems, necessitating back surgery.

paul gosar illness

Additionally, he claimed that he was battling with side effects from a 2014 hip replacement. At the time, he told The Republic, “I’m as healthy as a horse.” “Not going to be that easy to get rid of me.”

Gosar, a dentist for more than 25 years, claimed the spinal compression was caused by his prolonged hunching over while providing patient care. In addition, he had a history of playing rugby, which made his condition worse and led to the requirement for a hip replacement.

Gosar was present to shake hands with 70 brand-new US citizens in 2015 during a gathering in Phoenix. During the break between congratulations, his left hand spasmed, so he clamped his right hand around the left to control the movement.

After the ceremony, he sat with his hands behind his back and spoke to a reporter while doing so. In June of that year, as his left hand started to tremble, Gosar seemed to cover his hands behind his back for the majority of a 12-minute TV segment with 3TV.

While spinal specialists concur that persons whose jobs force them to stoop over for extended periods of time are susceptible to spine arthritis and compressed discs, which can lead to pain, weakness, and a loss of fine motor control. However, it’s unclear how the illness will impact Gosar’s potential for political success.


Representative Paul Gosar has been the subject of speculation on social media due to a video showing him appearing to have involuntary movements while speaking at a campaign event.

It is not appropriate to speculate on the cause of these movements or to make any judgments about Representative Gosar’s health or ability to perform his duties as a U.S. Representative. It is important to treat individuals with respect and compassion and to be mindful of the impact of our words and actions on others.

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