Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, a philanthropist and YouTube megastar, is one of the most famous faces on the internet, so you can expect that viewers will be eager to point out anything that doesn’t look quite right. More lately, reports started to surface about the renowned artist possibly having cancer.

This happened after viewers observed MrBeast’s newly-shaven bald head in a video call with fellow YouTuber Ryan Trahan, who had just completed a 30-day challenge to cross America starting with a dime and had raised 14 million meals for Feeding America.

Fans were also concerned about Mr. Beast’s seeming lack of vitality in his most recent film for the chocolate factory.

MrBeast eventually revealed why his head was bald, and no, it’s not because he has cancer. MrBeast withheld information for a while, which may have increased fans’ speculation.

What Makes MrBeast Bald? Is Cancer The Cause?

Does Mrbeast Have Cancer

Since Mr. Beast began sporting that new hairdo, his audience has been concerned for his wellbeing. One of the popular YouTube creators in the Minecraft community passed away from cancer only a few weeks ago. Therefore, it makes complete sense why some Mr. Beast fans made snap judgments.

The reason behind Mr. Beast’s new hairstyle, however, has nothing to do with his health. But MrBeast followers can rest easy knowing that the popular YouTube personality does not have a serious illness like cancer.

No, cancer isn’t the cause of Mr. Beast’s baldness. It’s because he failed to complete a challenge that required him to fast for thirty days straight. You can now relax if you were one of his supporters who were genuinely concerned about his health.

Knowing Mr. Beast, he definitely goes overboard. Mr. Beast is a beast (get it?), offering big prize pools for his contests and taking on challenges like the 30-day fast.

Why Did MrBeasts Shave His Head Bald?

Does Mrbeast Have Cancer

MrBeast announced that he would be participating in a fasting challenge in a video that was posted to his YouTube account last July 2, 2022. He is prohibited from eating during the challenge for a period of thirty days.

But MrBeast gives Chris permission to shave off all his hair if he doesn’t succeed in this endeavor. Chris accomplished that, and as a result, Mr. Beast now has a bald head.

MrBeast first succeeds in the fasting challenge. He was able to go for more than 14 days without eating, but eventually, he ran out of willpower. To be fair to MrBeast, he produced videos all through the competition.

During the challenge, he created a replica of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for one of the videos he shot.

He also meets renowned chef Gordon Ramsay in this video. And given that Gordon Ramsay was the one cooking for Mr. Beast, we can’t really hold him responsible for failing the challenge. The fragrance of chocolate was all about you, and if you lasted 14 days without eating, it was just a matter of time until you caved.

Not Cancer, But Crohn’s Disease

Mr. Beast dropped about 18 pounds in the two weeks he fasted, despite not completing the required thirty days. Mr. Beast has lost weight and is now only 202 lbs. Even while this is a remarkable accomplishment for Mr. Beast, he also mentioned in the video that he has the inflammatory bowel condition Crohn’s.

He continued by saying that this is ultimately why he undertook the 30-day fasting challenge. It was a win-win situation because the challenge helped to reduce the inflammation in his intestines. Additionally, he gets to experiment with a new hairdo! Hopefully, this dispels some concerns that Mr. Beast has cancer.


MrBeast tried to fast for 30 days straight in a video challenge but failed, so he shaved his head bald. MrBeast mentioned that Chris might shave off all his hair if he failed the challenge for whatever reason in his second July 2022 YouTube video, “I Didn’t Eat Food For 30 Days,” which he finally did.

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