If you’re a notable TV personality, then people are going to want to know the particulars of your life.

The type of car you drive; the hair products that you use; your favorite meals, TV shows, and vacation spots; and of course, your romantic relationships. This is especially true if folks think there’s a chance two people on the same show may have the hots for each other.

Gold Rush fans thought that a romance was possible between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney, but are the two datings? Or have they at any point?

Tyler and Parker from “Gold Rush” Are They Dating?

There is nothing online or on television that suggests these two had been or are now dating unless you are a close acquaintance of one of these TV stars and know differently. Tyler Mahoney was up in the mining community of Kalgoorlie and hails from a long history of Australian prospectors.

Although the young woman posted photos of herself working hard with Parker Schnabel on the 10-episode order Parker’s Trail: Australia, it doesn’t appear that the two are romantically linked and instead just get along well at work.

Tyler and Parker from "Gold Rush" Are They Dating?

The fact that Parker made a concerted effort to keep his love hidden from view while he was dating Ashley Youle during the show, however, hasn’t stopped some from speculating that he and Tyler might be a couple. As a matter of fact, a wager was even made by Discovery camera operators to see who could catch Parker and Ashley kissing on tape earliest.

However, Parker’s journey to Australia doesn’t appear to be a one-and-done affair. Parker bought some acreage in Australia, as was mentioned in this Reddit thread, in an effort to expand his prospecting opportunities to a different hemisphere.

Prior to the 2020 season of Gold Rush airing, Discovery issued the following statement (via The Blast): “His goal is to bank enough money to buy additional ground and he’s determined not to let the COVID-19 pandemic slow him down.”

The release went on “Parker gathers his team as quickly as he can and doubles down by starting two sizable operations. This season, Parker will need more than ever on his team to operate his business as he explores uncharted territory in Alaska and elsewhere.”

Nevertheless, no other sources exist that can confirm if Parker’s actually bought land there. Could this simply be a case of “reality TV magic,” where the producers are keeping their options open in case Parker’s “Aussie only” season gets a “sequel”?

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Gold Rush Love: Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney Dating?

Supporters conjectured that if he really did buy land in Australia, he would have even more of an incentive to spend time with Tyler, indicating that there may be potential for romance between the two of them. The actual query is: Why are there so many concerned? He’s supposed to be mining for gold in the program, so perhaps he’s like Jake Johnson in that regard.

Yet, that hasn’t prevented people from guessing that he and Tyler are dating, with some media outlets claiming that they actually are.


Despite speculation and rumors from fans and media outlets, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney from “Gold Rush” are dating.

While they have been shown working together on the show, there is no confirmed romantic relationship between them. As with many reality TV shows, it’s important to separate reality from speculation and not jump to conclusions based on limited information.

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