Erik Ezukanma Is Mike Mc Daniel's New Version of Deebo Samuel

Erik Ezukanma Is Mike Mc Daniel’s New Version of Deebo Samuel?


The Miami Dolphins selected the Texas Tech wide receiver with the 125th overall pick on Saturday afternoon, and his unusual skill set has Dolphins fans buzzing. Mike McDaniel is known for his inventive uses of Deebo Samuel last season in San Francisco, and it appears that Erik Ezukanma has McDaniel reminiscing about his old pal in the Golden State.

With the recent loss of DeVante Parker, Miami wanted a more robust and big-bodied receiver to lend balance to an electrifying wide receiver room. Ezukanma is 6’2″ and 210 pounds, with a 4.55 and a 36.5-inch vertical. As a redshirt junior last season, he caught 48 passes for 706 yards and four touchdowns while also rushing for 138 yards and two scores.

Mike McDaniel desired a specific running back, and he was taken before the Miami Dolphins could make their selection on Saturday. Nothing is more frustrating for a fantasy football player than having a player at the top of their board and then seeing him fall to a pick…

Erik Ezukanma Is Mike Mc Daniel's New Version of Deebo Samuel

To get the most out of Erik Ezukanma, the Red Raiders used a variety of packages. They made sure to get the ball to their finest playmaker in space by using the wildcat, quick screens, and even jet sweeps.

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Here Are a Few Examples of “EZjet’s Sweeps at Texas Tech:

A collection of short passes that Ezukanma transformed into beneficial gains with his exceptional aptitude for breaking tackles is one of my favorite clips being circulated:

So, even though Erik Ezukanma’s game isn’t all about speed and quickness, YAC is a key component of his game; he just does it with a different set of talents. With Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle leading the way on the outside, it’ll be wonderful to have a receiver that won’t back down while still fitting into the mold of a “YAC WR.” Deebo Samuel finished in 4.48, which isn’t much faster than Erik Ezukanma’s time. Deebo wins due to his strength and physicality, and EZ follows the same method.

Last but not least, I’d like to display a big-time 50/50 ball that resulted in a touchdown and demonstrates his potential to contribute to the RedZone.

Ezukanma’s friendship with Patrick Mahomes, the famous quarterback, is noteworthy. Prior to the draft, the former Texas Tech standout spent some time working out with EZ and offered some advice on how to make the move to the next level.

Erik Ezukanma Is Mike Mc Daniel's New Version of Deebo Samuel

“Work hard and absorb everything,” Mahomes advised Ezukanma. “Be a guy who shows up for meetings on time. Don’t believe you’ve made it once you’ve been drafted; it’s merely the beginning.”’s Patrick Mahomes.

Ezukanma makes it obvious that he wants to have a similar relationship with his future starting quarterback. Erik Ezukanma had some great things to say about Tua Tagovailoa during his first press conference with the Dolphins media, which most Dolphins supporters will be pleased to hear.

I can see the Dolphins’ front office and Mike McDaniel’s interest. You can never have enough receivers, so you take a chance on a guy with a unique skill set in the fourth round. The Dolphins fell in love with Ezukanma during the combined process because of his team-first approach and competitive spirit.

This Is how Ez Described Himself to Teams:

“A dog; a man who puts in a lot of effort every day; A former team captain who is a versatile wide receiver. Everything is possible for me: red zone, backed-up, jet sweeps, handoffs… I can help you with whatever you require. Special teams aren’t something I’m afraid of. I have to earn my place on a team, and I’m ready to go to any length to do it.” -via’s Erik Ezukanma.

You want a squad full of men with the same mindset as Ezukanma, and it’ll be interesting to see him take the field as we get closer to Rookie Minicamp and OTAs in May. Preston Williams and Erik Ezukanma for the primary big body receiver in the Dolphins offense could be one of the biggest Training Camp clashes this off-season.

Erik Ezukanma Is Mike Mc Daniel's New Version of Deebo Samuel

If the youngster can’t beat out Williams this summer, he’ll likely play on special teams and get a year of growth from Wes Welker, one of the top WR coaches in the NFL.

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