Druski Controversy

Druski, a well-known comedian and social media influencer, has been delighting social media users for a long time by creating wonderfully relatable content.

The majority of his social media posts focus on a variety of social cues relating to dating, relationships, school, sports, and other topics that many people find to be spot on.

However, in his most recent act, the comic teeters on the edge of “cringeworthy,” with the video starting out humorous but gradually becoming “cringeworthy.” So much so that viewers recognize what he’s depicting as something that tragically occurs in real life.

According to Parle Magazine, the video shows the comedian and a friend inviting two women to their apartment for a relaxing night of games and beverages.

Without wasting any time, the comic zeroes down on one of the women and repeatedly encourages her to drink in the hopes of getting her inebriated.

Druski Controversy

Throughout the night, Druski can be seen staring at the inebriated woman, planning what will happen at the end.

The comedian took down the skit after receiving negative feedback, but not before social media had a chance to see it.

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While some Twitter users are criticizing the film, others appear to think that the skit reflects the males who are guilty of the same behaviors in real life.

In reaction to the outcry, one Twitter user criticized the comic for removing the video. “Druski should’ve kept that video up, you expletive need to look in the mirror,” he says.

“Druski revealed a lot of odd expletives with that video that’s why they feel attacked,” another Twitter user commented.

“Y’all furious at druski for displaying how a lot of y’all act when ladies are around,” one Twitter user agreed with the video’s expose narrative.

One Twitter user weighed in on the topic, saying that while the video wasn’t funny, it was factual.

Druski Controversy

“This is an unpopular opinion, but Druski’s content has consistently shown different behaviors in both men and women. This video shows how predatory men can be during parties. Is this amusing? Meh. Accurate? Absolutely.”

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The video appeared to be a PSA, according to one Twitter user. “I regarded Druski’s video as more of a PSA than him attempting to be rude, but he should’ve emphasized that since, well…this is the internet,” she said. It’s best to avoid such circumstances in the first place.”

Another Twitter user concurred, claiming that it was a mirror of certain guys. “There was nothing wrong with that druski skit at all. That’s how many women feel, and it could’ve also helped guys see how creepy they can be.”

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