Danica Patrick Surgery

Danica Patrick Surgery: She Says ‘The Heal Is Real’ One Week After Having Her Breast Implants Removed

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Danica Patrick looks great a week after her breast implants were removed.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Thursday, the 40-year-old former NASCAR driver, who has been dealing with serious health issues for the last two years owing to breast implant disease, provided an update on her post-surgery condition.

According to an Instagram post, she made last Friday, Patrick had surgery last Wednesday after experiencing terrible side effects from her implants since early 2018.

Danica Patrick Surgery

Patrick showed off her healthy-looking face in the first photo on her Story, as well as the changes she noticed in just the first week following surgery, from her “healthy scalp” and “natural face oil” to the return of her law line and the absence of swollen lymph nodes.

Before responding to fan inquiries concerning breast implant disease and her experience with it, the retired racer commented “the heal is genuine” on top of the photograph.

Patrick wrote in an Instagram post announcing the removal of her breast implants that she received them in November 2014 “because I want to have it all.”

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“I was quite fit, but I lacked boobs. So there you have it “She stated the situation at the time. “Everything went smoothly, and I was pleased with their performance.”

However, Patrick stated “the wheels came off” in late 2020 as she began to experience adverse effects such as menstrual cycle irregularity, weight gain, and more.

“My hair was in bad shape and my face was a different shape (strange, I know),” she added. “So I walked down the rabbit hole in search of an answer. I completed every possible test.”

Patrick said it took a lot of narrowing down — and she tried “everything” she could think of — before she recognized it was her breast implants causing the issues. “Surgery was not at the top of my list of fixes,” she said.

Danica Patrick Surgery

“Several specialists. Every single biological test I even checked for mold in my home and germs in the water “In her Story, she commented over an image of herself receiving an IV. “Cleanses. Gut protocol for 90 days. Peptides. NAD IV. Heavy metal chelation.”

“Nothing worked,” Patrick stated. “I told every doctor,” she said, “I don’t feel or look any different.”

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When asked about the scars from the removal operation, Patrick revealed photos of her removed implants. “These baseballs went through a very small hole,” the racecar driver wrote.

“Doing your homework is the best advice,” Patrick said on another slide to people watching her story.

Danica Patrick Surgery

“I learned a lot from listening to other people’s stories. “Their experiences were mine!” she commented above a photo of herself and Dr. Shaun Parson, later adding, “My intuition was sky high!”

Patrick also tweeted a photo of herself smiling while a television behind her showed her interview with Good Morning America discussing her recent health struggle.

Danica Patrick Surgery

Patrick wrote she is “glad to get the message out about potential issues with breast implants” over the photo.

She wrote, “I felt better within hours of surgery.” “This includes a decrease in energy, inflammation, natural bodily oil production, and lymph node size.”

“So much more to report on over the coming 6-12 months,” Patrick said.