Court Scolds Vanessa's Lawyer for Kobe Bryant Crash Photos

Kobe Bryant and the eight other people on board his fateful helicopter ride, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, died more than two years ago.

Vanessa Bryant, the deceased’s wife and mother, will obviously never be able to forget what happened, and she isn’t allowing anybody else either.

She is still fighting for justice today in a well-known case against the emergency personnel who are accused of taking and publishing pictures of the crash scene.

The judge presiding over the case, however, evidently had occasion to reprimand Vanessa’s legal team recently on the delicate subject.

The late basketball player’s widow filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, its sheriff, its fire agencies, and any alleged cops involved.

The testing date was severely postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, however fresh reports from Insider claim that a whole different issue has arisen.

Court Scolds Vanessa's Lawyer for Kobe Bryant Crash Photos

Both sides apparently received criticism from California District Judge John Walter for presenting an excessive amount of material during a pre-trial hearing. He said,

If Vanessa Bryant’s side and the defense didn’t narrow down the bulky documents to those that were most crucial, the judge said, it would be a “never-ending war.” According to a statement sent to the outlet by a spokesperson of L.A. County, they are observing the judge’s directives.

Kobe Bryant‘s wife has filed a lawsuit against the state of California explicitly alleging that the crash scene photos violated her privacy and caused her mental distress.

However, on the federal level, she asserts the fundamental right to have sole ownership of photos of deceased loved ones, which was allegedly breached when the view of the accident scene was made public after the event without her permission.

The judge ruled that the conflicting legal jurisdictions, in this case, required that the trial be divided into two parts, with the state’s defense coming first. The trial is scheduled to begin in August, at least initially.

The NBA legend’s passing in 2020 was the biggest sporting news since Vanessa Bryant, and ESPN’s The Last Dance paid tribute to him in one of its episodes (now streaming with a Netflix subscription).

Court Scolds Vanessa's Lawyer for Kobe Bryant Crash Photos

But ultimately, both celebrities and fans would talk openly about what Kobe Bryant meant to them. On the first anniversary of his passing the previous year, for instance, moving tributes to him were given by Jimmy Fallon, Jemele Hill, and others.

The most notable way that his memory lives on is through Vanessa Bryant. Not more than a month had passed when she shared a heartfelt tale about him and the famous blue dress from The Notebook. On Kobe’s 42nd birthday, which fell in August of last year, she also sent a sorrowful note.

The lawsuit will undoubtedly become more well-known in the upcoming weeks. Viewers can still check out the five films and specials about Kobe Bryant that are now available on streaming services in the interim.

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