Christine Quinn Before and After

Time to change! While the stars of Selling Sunset are no strangers to glitz and glam, many of the women had makeovers prior to the famous show.

Christine Quinn, for example, has been candid about how she looks when the cameras aren’t rolling on her Netflix reality show, which launched in March 2019.

“I always tell people, ‘I got my boobs done, I got my lips done, gobs of Botox, tons of makeup,'” she says. The realtor told Vogue in September 2020, “How I appear on Selling Sunset is not how I look when I wake up in the morning.” “I don’t do my own hair for the show.” I love doing my own makeup. It takes about two and a half to three hours from beginning to end, including clothes. My glam isn’t cheap either; if I go all out, it costs $1,000 per day. It’s costly to appear so cheap.”

Quinn stated that she is “all about plastic surgery truth-bearing” because of the expectations that come with it, despite changing her appearance for the show. “It’s critical in a society when the facade of social media is causing bodily dysmorphia,” she said. “People believe things are real when they are not.”

Christine Quinn Before and After

During season 1, the TV star admitted that she “was buying and returning clothing a lot” because she wasn’t “doing as well” financially as she had been since the show began. Her appearance “became bolder” as she became more successful.

She elaborated, “I went into the show hoping to be taken seriously.” “Even though I’m confident, I dressed in a way that I assumed a realtor would dress. I wore a more conservative outfit and covered up more. Season 2 taught me that fashion does not define you. I can be professional and sell houses regardless of what I wear. I became more authentic and vulnerable. I was represented as a “one-note bitch” in season 1, so I’m doing my best to prove that I’m sympathetic.”

Heather Rae Young, on the other hand, was a model before moving into real estate, although she has been more private about any changes to her appearance. “I opted to go with a natural lip for interviews today for glam,” she stated on Instagram in August 2019. “Perhaps I’ll add some color tomorrow…?”

One commenter questioned the reality star’s selfie caption, claiming, “Natural lip hahaha.” “Hahaha sic natural color,” Young said.

View the gallery below to see how the cast of Selling Sunset has evolved over time.

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Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn Before and After

Christine was a model and actor before getting into real estate, and it shows in her beautiful style. From her platinum blonde headache-inducing ponytails to her bright, lacquered lips, she’s never been bashful about her love of ‘go big or go home’ aesthetics.

Does Christine Quinn Still Work for Oppenheim?

Quinn quit the Oppenheim Group because the firm wasn’t “forward-looking” and “wasn’t a believer in crypto,” according to his Forbes profile. Quinn hasn’t said anything about her future on “Selling Sunset” since she left the Oppenheim Group.

What Did Christine Do to Her Face?

Christine Bently, the star of “Selling Sunset,” is shown here in 2013, before her meteoric climb to popularity. Quinn has already discussed her cosmetic surgeries. Quinn, seen above in 2014, told Vogue in 2020, “I got my boobs done, I got my lips done, gobs of Botox, tons of makeup.”

Is Christine Quinn Still Married?

Christine Quinn Before and After

Christine Quinn is still married to Christian Richard formally known as Christian Dumontet, and they recently welcomed their first child in May 2021.

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How Rich Is Christine Quinn’s Husband?

On December 15, 2019, he married Christine in a cathedral in Los Angeles. In front of intimate friends and family, he married in a lavish gothic fantasy. 6. He is said to be worth nearly $20 million.

Is Christine Quinn Still a Realtor?

Meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly in April that Quinn had left The Oppenheim Group. “Christine made the decision to quit the Oppenheim Group,” the insider said.

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