As Gabe Duncan in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie and Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Bradley Steven Perry is an American actor. Mighty Med is another show in which he has appeared.

November 23, 1998, was the day Bradley Steven Perry was born in California, USA. Perry was born in Sagittarius, and he is currently 20 years old. In addition to his three elder sisters; Madison, Makenzie, and Justine, he was reared by his parents, Emery Emmanuel (father) and Brenda Joyce (mother).

He graduated from Quartz Hill High School in Lancaster, California, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Southern California

Bradley Steven Perry

Father Emery Emanuel and mother – name unknown – both of unknown occupations – raised Bradley in the town where he was born. Bradley’s mother, Kimberly Perry, is not a pop-country singer from The Band Perry, as several websites, notably the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), claim. Both appeared in 2011’s “Good Luck Charlie: Return to Super Adventure Land” as co-stars, however, they have no known biological ties to one another.

With sisters Caitlin, Jesse, and Lee Perry, he is the only son out of a family of four. For his education, he’s among the few actors who obtained on-set homeschooling because he couldn’t attend school because of his performing career.

At some point in the future, though, he was able to complete the necessary examinations to enter Oak Park High School in California and graduate in 2017. Bradley appears to be seeking a college degree, but the particular university he’s attending remains a mystery to this day.

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At the age of ten, Perry began his professional career. Choose Connor and Magnificent Max featured him in minor roles.

Without a Trace, a CBS criminal drama also served as the actor’s television debut. Kaz starred in the Disney XD program Mighty Med with Jake Short and Paris Berelc in 2013 as well.

Zevon, a character in Descendants: Wicked World, was voiced by him in 2017. When he appeared as Gabe Duncan in both 2011 and 2012, Perry was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

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Who is he now dating? Is he currently dating anyone?

It appears that Bradley’s early love relationships are well-known, even if they began as child stars. Bradley was never concerned with suppressing these aspects. He originally linked to “The Thundermans” actress Ryan Newman in 2010 at the age of 12, although no connection was established at the time.

His first documented girlfriend was Genevieve Hannelius, who acted in the movie “Good Luck Charlie,” but they only lasted for a few months before they parted up the following year.

bradley steven perry dating

The actor and singer Sabrina Carpenter, who played Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World,” began dating Bradley after three years of being unmarried.

Fans were overjoyed when the two performers began sharing information about their relationship on social media, given that they were both in the same play. However, they called it quits on their relationship in 2015 for reasons that were never revealed to the audience, who were left wondering what had truly transpired.

A fan of their romance speculated on Twitter that Bradley was the one to call it quits, given that Sabrina’s father swiftly removed him from Instagram and Twitter after learning of their breakup.

Bradley’s love life after Sabrina

By the end of 2016, a slew of other women was rumored to be Bradley’s new love interests. It was only after Bradley shared a picture of himself with Disney Channel star Sarah Gilman with the caption “Ma Boo” that everyone realized she was more than just a buddy.

bradley steven perry dating

Fans assumed the two were dating because Sarah published a similar post with the same explanation, but the couple has never acknowledged their connection. On social media, Paris Berelc’s mother rejected the claims that Bradley and Paris were dating, claiming that they were only friends and that they had never been romantically involved. Bradley hasn’t been seen with anyone since then. He is now regarded to be unmarried.

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