Fans of a film or television series sometimes speculate about the romantic status of the film’s or series’ co-stars, but we were startled to discover that this was the case with The Last of Us’s leads. So that Joel and Ellie can continue their live-action journey without interference from a clicker, we check to see if actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are dating.

Gamers were overjoyed with the episode’s use of content from Ellie’s book of puns, which was taken directly from the video game.

Based on Naughty Dog’s 2013 video game of the same name, The Last of Us tells the story of smuggler Joel, who must accompany teenager Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America rife with infected monsters. The series was created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for HBO.

Are Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Dating?

Are Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Dating?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are not dating, despite the ridiculous idea that was spread due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent media attention.

Co-stars from The Last of Us were utilized in a social media age comparison to highlight the difference in ages between Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio and his suspected new girlfriend, Eden Polani. Neither side has officially verified their connection.

Twitter users pointed out that the age difference between DiCaprio and Polani, which is 29 years, is similar to that between Pascal and Ramsey.

Many have started to wonder if the former Game of Thrones co-stars are dating because they openly display their close connection both on and off set.

The Last of Us Episode 5 Preview

Bella Ramsey Dating

The release date of The Last of Us episode 5, which has not yet been given a title, has been changed from its intended Sunday night time slot to Friday, February 10, 2023, on HBO and HBO Max.

The episode will air on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET in the United States and at 2 a.m. GMT for viewers in the UK.

Although Joel and Ellie reunite with the two somewhere, Kathleen will find Kansas City on fire as she searches for Henry and Sam in episode 5.

You can find out when each episode airs as well as the titles as they are revealed with The Last of Us episode guide and release calendar.


Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are not dating, despite rumors sparked by comparison to Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged new girlfriend. Fans are excited about the show’s use of content from Ellie’s book of puns from the video game.

Episode 5 of The Last of Us has been rescheduled to air on February 11, 2023, and will feature Joel and Ellie reuniting with new challenges.

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