The intriguing notion of “Married At First Sight” addresses how challenging it is to get married to someone you don’t know. From a group of unfamiliar singles, experts pair them together, and they then meet at the altar to exchange vows.

After that, these couples are asked to settle down and are even sent on a lavish honeymoon. On the day of judgment, each person decides whether they want to split ways or stay together.

According to experts, Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad from season 10 of “MAFS” were meant to be together. Although the pair first appeared promising, they quickly became involved in arguments that were too serious to resolve.

Fans are curious to see if the couple has endured after the cameras have been removed from their lives. Let’s investigate to find out.

The Married At First Sight Journey Of Derek And Katie

Are Derek and Katie Still Together

The experts believed that Derek would be the ideal match for Katie since she was far more serious and practical than Derek and had more ambitious ambitions for the future.

Katie was torn before entering the experiment, thus it seemed as though opposites did not attract in their situation. Later, she admitted that she still had feelings for her ex, who had requested a reconciliation. While Katie wanted to move on and use “MAFS” to find a husband, she was unsure about her choice as she headed down the aisle.

Unfortunately, Derek learned of Katie’s predicament, and it was disappointing to observe that they had little in common at their wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, the couple decided to try marriage and even made an effort to get to know one another while on their honeymoon.

But as Katie got to know Derek more, she became more and more aware of how different his outlook was from hers. She wasn’t seeking a mate who was always in the mood to joke around or daydream.

Additionally, it was difficult for Derek and Katie to establish common ground. Finding something they both enjoyed was advised by experts, but Katie found it difficult to accept or support her new husband’s grandiose goals.

She did not appreciate the attention Derek lavished on his female co-stars, and he thought his wife was too preoccupied with her ex. As a result, the two frequently engaged in violent fights over these matters.

Furthermore, although Derek insisted he had never been in love, Katie discovered one of his school papers on the subject, leading her to believe he was lying.

The couple shocked everyone when they decided to stay together on judgment day despite all of their unsolved difficulties and disagreements. You must naturally be wondering if they are still dating. Here is what we do know, though.

Katie Conrad And Derek Sherman: Still Dating?

Although Derek and Katie attempted to save their marriage after the reunion episode was taped, it was not to be, and the couple was in the middle of filing for divorce. Derek accused Katie of cheating on him in the episode, and their romance seemed to be over.

But since then, Derek and Katie have both moved on with their lives and appear to be in better places on their own.

Derek appears to still be single, but he is actually living a thrilling and adventurous life full of the things and people he loves. We also hope that happiness never eludes him in the long run, as he enjoys adventures and has been traveling widely.

Are Derek and Katie Still Together

Regarding Katie, she found Brandon Eaves on a dating app in the spring of 2020, and the two have since developed a passionate romance.

The “MAFS” alum and Brandon became engaged in December 2020, and they wed in the middle of 2021. We find it amazing to see Katie and Brandon getting along so well, and we wish them all the best in the years to come.


Even though Derek and Katie tried their hardest to save their marriage after filming, it was not to be, and the couple was going through a divorce when the reunion episode was filmed. In the episode, Derek accused Katie of infidelity, and it seemed as though their relationship was finished.

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