A new batch of 13 hot and sexy singles are all ready to find their love in season 4 of Love Island Australia 2022. The show aired on 9Now from October 31 dropping episodes daily from 6 pm.

Love Island Australia Feat

Claudia and Austen won Love Island season 4 and bagged prize money of $50,000 after surviving and spreading the love for eight weeks in the villa. The duo beat runners-up Phoebe and Mitchell and Callum and Madeline.

Claudia and Austen on winning the show

When asked about whether they were expecting of winning the show, they said that it was a real shock for them and it took a while for both of them to actually believe the reality that they both were the winners.

Claudia and Austen

The pair were not together at the start of the season and had different partners but with time the two got close to each other and played the rest of the season as a couple. It proved to be a boon for both of them and made them the power couple of the show.

Are Claudia and Austen still together?

The couple was loved by all for their adorable chemistry and thus the whole of Australia voted for them as their favorite couple and made them Love Island Australia’s winner. But what fans still speculate is whether the couple is still together after the filming got wrapped.

The answer is YES. Claudia and Austen after the show cleared that they both are now officially dating and are girlfriend and boyfriend. They shared that they are still in love with each other and it’s a lot better outside than it was in the villa.

Austen and Claudia shared that the first thing they wanted to do was to meet each other’s families which got ticked off and they both feel very blessed to have found each other.

Claudia also shared that Austen proposed to her in his home and it was very special and cute at the same time. They even watched the season finale with Austen’s family while Claudia’s family was on facetime. The couple shared that it was a very special moment and they could feel the emotions they were feeling during the finale.

Claudia and Austen’s views on having a future together

When asked about their moving in together Austen was clear that first, he will be moving to Adelaide for a little time at the start of the next year and after that when he’ll again comes to Sydney, they’ll think about moving in together.

The pair also spoke about where they see their relationship going in the future.

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Claudia said that in five years’ time, she just hope that they both are happy and living together in their own house. She further goes on to say that though it is wishful thinking, she really wants a loft, like a New York City apartment. and also Austen wants a Cavalier.

On the other hand, Austen also expressed his feelings and said that he wants a little inside dog, but then also wants a German Shepherd. He said that they’re not really going to have any set plans, and will just go with the flow – but with two dogs, and a bird! Claudia loves birds.

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