Amalfi Coast Getaway: Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio in A Strapless Bikini

When it came to her latest holiday images, Alessandra Ambrosio, 41, looked stunning.

On July 15, the Brazilian model came to Instagram to post a number of new images of herself, as well as some of the most memorable moments from her recent trip to Italy.

A lime green strapless bikini top was paired with lime green and pink striped button-down dress that had the buttons undone at the top and bottom, creating a sensual vibe in some of the pictures.

Her hair was likewise down, and she wore sunglasses and a necklace while she carried a purse. She also posted images of stunning landscapes and mouthwatering meals and drinks. She wrote, “When in Italy… ” in the caption.

There was a photo of Rachel Dobriner accompanying Alessandra. The two women posed together in front of a beautiful blue lake with a variety of buildings in the background.

Rachel looked stunning in a turquoise patterned overdress and a sun hat, just like her celebrity pal.

Fans of Alessandra were quick to respond with remarks full of praise and encouragement once the images were made public. “Wow, you’re stunning.

Another said, “Impressive,” while another described the setting as “beautiful.” A fourth fan wished her a “good weekend.”

Earlier this week, Alessandra Ambrosio was stunned in a different swimsuit while vacationing in Ibiza.

A light brown one-piece with cut-out parts on the sides, it was made of one piece. A colorful shawl was spread out in front of her as she stood among rocks and water with her arms outstretched.

Amalfi Coast Getaway: Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio in A Strapless Bikini

As evidence of her ability to pull off any color, she sported an eye-catching bright green bikini in April.

She wore a yellow baseball cap and oval-shaped sunglasses while playing volleyball on the beach. As with many of her other outfit choices, it inspired a new generation of bikini-obsessed women.

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