Adam Sandler Controversy

Adam Sandler has had his fair share of “iffy” films throughout the years. He’s an acquired taste for many. You either like or don’t like his sense of humour. I Currently Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, which was released in 2007 and is now available on Netflix in the United States, is one of the films that fall into this ambiguous category. It sparked debate back then, and it continues to do so today.

Adam Sandler plays Chuck, a womanizer, and a firefighter in the film. Larry is played by Kevin James, a long-time co-star who is also a firefighter who is dealing with the death of his wife. This is, without a doubt, a comedy.

In any case, the two are trapped in a burning house as the floor falls. Larry is on hand to save his friend, prompting Larry to promise Chuck that he will repay him in any way he can.

Adam Sandler Controversy

Larry decides to boost his life insurance coverage as a result of the frightening occurrence. While doing so, he discovers that his insurance policy had expired at the time of his wife’s death. The insurance company representative then advises Larry to remarry so he can name her as his beneficiary. Larry’s problem is that he has no one in his life. Larry, on the other hand, has a suggestion.

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Larry introduces his concept to Adam Sandler’s character after reading about domestic partnerships in the newspaper. They marry in a civil union and form a domestic partnership so Chuck can be Larry’s beneficiary because Larry trusts Chuck to look after his two children. Chuck, of course, is adamantly opposed to the concept. That is until Larry reminds him of Chuck’s commitment to pay him back in any way he can.

Chuck eventually accepts, and the two begin their domestic relationship. Everything appears to be in order until detectives arrive to look into a possible fraud case. Chuck and Larry then employ a lovely lawyer, Alex (Jessica Biel), who advises them to have a formal wedding to demonstrate their love and devotion. They certainly do.

With time, Adam Sandler’s character develops an interest in Alex, but Alex only sees him as a nice buddy because he is “gay” and “married.”

They eventually share a kiss, which surprises Alex the most and causes her to back away from Chuck. Meanwhile, when the firehouse learns of Chuck and Larry’s marriage, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. They are rejected by everyone, however, one formidable firefighter, Fred (Ving Rhames), informs Chuck and Larry in secret that he is gay but has never felt comfortable telling anyone.

Adam Sandler Controversy

When the true mystery of Chuck and Larry is uncovered, life becomes even more complicated, and Larry’s life insurance policy is once again threatened.

For this surprisingly unfunny Adam Sandler picture, many of the usual suspects are on hand. Steve Buscemi, Nick Swardson, Allen Covert, Dave Matthews, Dan Patrick, and even David Spade and Rob Schneider make uncredited cameos.

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The issue with the film is that it isn’t as funny as it could be. Indeed, the film was brutally panned, with most critics focusing on how homophobic the Dennis Dugan-directed film is.

“It’s a set-up as convoluted as the sexual politics of this mortifying would-be comedy,” writes Stephen Garrett of Time Out, “while Mike Massie of Gone with the Twins says, “Rather lukewarm when it comes to confronting standard images of homosexuality in a generic, humorous environment.”

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