Fred was a prominent online icon in the early years of YouTube and was represented by Lucas Cruikshank. Those unfamiliar with the show may not know that Fred is a character who struggles with anger management and who lives in a highly dysfunctional family.

The channel generated popular videos such as “Fred goes swimming” or “Fred goes to the dentist.” While the premise of his videos was basic, he was able to rack up millions of views to the point where he was included in iCarly in the episode “iMeet Fred.”. However, now that he’s retired, people are wondering: what has happened to Fred?

Where is YouTube’s Fred now?

Currently, Lucas is not working on any Fred-related stuff. Even though the channel still has millions of subscribers, the last video featuring him was uploaded in 2012.

But because of Fred’s success, the channel was reborn with new content. In 2014, he was rebranded with videos that were directly targeted at kids.

what happened to fred

After the relaunch, Fred aired a few different shows. This most recent upload is another installment in the “Questions My Parents Won’t Answer” series, hosted by,  kids. The partners would approach strangers on the street and ask questions that parents often struggle to answer for their children. Examples of such queries are “where do infants originate from?” and “why do some people live in the park?”

TV shows including “Kid Advice” and “The Substitute” were also broadcast on the Fred channel. They all failed, though. In 2014, the last video was uploaded to the Fred channel.

What Is He Doing Now?

Today, Lucas has over 3.31 million subscribers to his own Fred-free YouTube channel. This one focuses more on commentary, and sometimes he produces some content about himself. He gives opinions and discusses celebrities and reality shows. And he can’t help but bring up his history with Fred from time to time.

Lucas reads from his self-published book, Fred Figglehorn Hackin’ Awesome School Jokes, in one of his videos. Lucas remarked that at this stage in his career as Fred, he said yes to whatever concept that was proposed to him and that’s how the book came to be.

His channel features reactions to Fred’s content (videos, films, and the program itself) as well as extensive discussion of production processes and other off-screen events.

In videos, Lucas talked about how he had to learn pages of lines at a time because his Nickelodeon show was just him talking to the camera. Moreover, he claimed that he had been turned down by the business when he requested a teleprompter. As for the second Fred film, he said the director told him to watch the first one because he “wasn’t being Fred enough.”

Aside from the Fred channel, the movies and TV shows are all available for purchase on Amazon. And if you’re looking for gear, you might be in luck. Even though Lucas only offered a limited quantity of brand-new merchandise, it is still being resold online. Given sufficient interest, he might do it again.


Lucas Cruikshank popularly known as Fred is an American YouTuber. Currently, Lucas has over 3.31 million subscribers to his own Fred-free YouTube channel

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