It seems like Henry Cavill will not feature in the fourth season of “The Witcher” on Netflix.

On Saturday, Oct 29, the streaming giant made an announcement on Twitter that the fantasy drama will be coming without Cavill. The Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth will step in to take over the lead role of Geralt of Rivia, a mutant monster hunter for hire, for the upcoming fourth season of the show.

The official page of The Wicher made the announcement on Twitter writing:

“It’s official: The Witcher is returning for Season 4, and Henry Cavill will be handing his swords to Liam Hemsworth as the new Geralt of Rivia after Season 3. Welcome to the Witcher family, @LiamHemsworth!”

Cavill also shared a post on Instagram, where he appreciated Hemsworth, calling him “fantastic” and revealing that he is “passing the torch” to the Australian actor.

He added: “My trip as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and regrettably, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4.”

He further said, “In my absence, the marvelous Mr. Liam Hemsworth will be assuming the responsibilities of the White Wolf.” I hand the torch to Liam with an appreciation for the time spent embodying Geralt and anticipation to see his take on this most intriguing and nuanced of individuals. As with the best literary characters, I do so with a sense of responsibility.

Liam is, an excellent guy, this character has such a fantastic depth to him, enjoy digging in and seeing what you can uncover in him.”

Hemsworth, who is most known for his role as Gale Hawthorne in “The Hunger Games” series, followed up with a statement of his own on Instagram. He added that he is “proud that [Cavill] is handing me the reins.”

Liam Hemsworth to Replace Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in "The Witcher S4"

Hemsworth also shared some words on his Instagram writing: “As a Witcher fan, I’m over the moon about the possibility to play Geralt of Rivia.” Henry Cavill has done an outstanding job portraying Geralt, and I consider it a great honor that he has given me the opportunity to pick up the White Wolf’s blades and continue the story of his adventures.

Continuing, he said, “Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years, and I was incredibly motivated by the changes you made to this much-loved character. Even though I have some very big shoes to fill, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining ‘The Witcher’s world.

According to the official website of Netflix, “The Witcher” live-action adaptation follows Geralt as “he journeys toward his destiny in a turbulent world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.” Andrzej Sapkowski wrote the book series of the same name. The first episode of “The Witcher” live-action adaptation aired for the first time in December 2019.

The third season of “The Witcher” will premiere on the streaming service in the summer of 2023, but the streaming service has not disclosed any information regarding the show’s storyline.

Although the third season will be Cavill’s final appearance as the show’s titular monster-hunter and protagonist, the 39-year-old is slated to co-star with Millie Bobby Brown in “Enola Holmes 2,” which will premiere on Netflix on November 4.

Meanwhile, Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in an upcoming picture released by Warner Bros., however, neither a writer nor a director has been assigned to the project yet.

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