Noblesse is undoubtedly a new program but the intriguing first season has already left the audience eager about Noblesse Season 2.

Now, several series are going to be launched and Season 2 for Noblesse is also on the list. It is apparent that Noblesse has a significant female fan base. So, these fans are expecting to witness the Noblesse season 2 and their favorites.

But not many were delighted with the series. The first section was unsatisfying according to many admirers. Written by Jae-Ho-Sin and drawn by Gwang-Su-Lee, it is a Korean webtoon. Audiences who have viewed it claimed that this looks to be the first webtoon that is dubbed in the English Language.

Noblesse Season 2 Release Date Announcement

Noblesse Season 2

The release date of Season 2 has not been officially confirmed yet. Announcements frequently take place months before the actual release. So, we predict Noblesse Season 2 will be revealed in 2022.

Nothing is written in stone; maybe Crunchyroll had always intended on releasing a single, confusing season to attract manhwa readers. Or maybe they are here to profit on an undiscovered narrative market and establish a solid basis of manhwa adaptations.

Either way, if Noblesse 2 is revealed, we will instantly place it in here area along with information.

We think that exactly like the previous adaptations, Naver Webtoon and Crunchyroll will be creating the series and Crunchyroll will be the studio adapting it. So yet, licensors are not known, however.

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Noblesse Season 2 Premise

Noblesse Season 2

The sitcom has built a fairly clear plot during the season. We have witnessed a character rising up after 800 long years and continuing his duty as a vampire. We also witness Frankenstein taking Cadis to the school that is meant to rescue her from future danger. Besides, people want to see more of the character of Cadis.

We may witness several returning characters including Shingaki Taruske known as Cadis Etrama, Hirakawa Daisuke as Frankenstein, and Oonishi Kousuke for M-21. So, season 2 is surely going to be intriguing.

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Noblesse Season 2 Cast:

The old cast will definitely return if Noblesse Season 2 breaths of air someday. Let us take a look at the present members:

1) Shingaki Tarusuke will be playing Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

2) Hirakawa Daisuke will be playing Frankenstein again.

3) Oonishi Kousuke will return to play as M-21.

4) We also some of the other voice actors to return Kayano Ai and Hamada Youhei.

Apart from them, we also expect some new voice actors to be cast to play the upcoming characters.

We will update this article with the confirmed Noblesse Season 2 release date soon. So stay tuned and feel free to read our article on Chainsaw Man anime while you wait.

Noblesse Season 2 Trailer

Noblesse Season 2

As the season is currently under negotiations, there is no trailer yet. Once the creators and platforms confirm the date, then the season 2 trailer will be unveiled. The buzz surrounding the new season didn’t fade even after obtaining dismal ratings and fans are anxiously looking forward to the next release.

The future season for Noblesse may be released around 2022 but until there is an additional announcement, we can only hope.

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