killing stalking anime release date

Killing Stalking Anime: Possible Release Date & More Updates!

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67 chapters of Koogi’s graphic novel Killing Stalking were released between November 23, 2016, and early 2019.

During the second Lezhin World Comics contest, the manga was released online in both Korean and English and earned the Grand Prize Award of 100,000,000 won.

Fans of the manga Killing Stalking are anxiously awaiting an anime adaptation, following the series’ huge popularity. Could we have it by the year 2022?

We’ve all had a crush on someone because of something about them: their character, their looks, or any combination of the two. There are certain people who change as you get to know them well—have you ever seen this? Another of Koogi’s manhwas, Killing Stalking, has captivated readers with its tale, plot, and characters.

killing stalking anime release date

All three of these elements — an engaging story with believable characters — cannot be found in every manhwa.

“Killing Stalking,” on the other hand, has achieved all of these objectives, as well as the attention of the fans. The supporters’ attention is spread around the stadium.

The manhwa and the tale it tells have their supporters and detractors. Even some of the fan comments will be mentioned.

Killing Stalking Plot

killing stalking anime release date

The protagonist of this story, Yoon Bum, who has Borderline Personality Disorder, is drawn to Oh Sangwoo.

As college students, Sangwoo and Bum have a mutual attraction. In both Sangwoo and Bum’s cases, their lives were plagued by adversity.

Bum’s parents died, and he was raised by his uncle, military personnel, and Sangwoo, all of whom raped him repeatedly during his youth. Bum was adopted by his uncle. In contrast, Sangwoo performed a number of “not-so-good” actions that are difficult to describe.

Sangwoo is, among other things, a serial killer, abuser, murderer, rapist, con artist, and menace to society.

Killing Stalking is a rare manhwa to come across. Also, if you stumble into this manga and are curious as to why it has not been converted into an anime, you are not the only one. Possibly, some studios might be willing to take on the challenge.

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Will Killing Stalking Have an Anime Adaptation?

killing stalking anime release date

But no official statement has been made about fan-made Killing Stalking cartoons.

As a result, an anime adaptation of Killing Stalking will not debut until 2022. However, if a studio recognizes its potential and buys it up, we may see an announcement for the same. It is, however, not known when it was first published.

Killing Stalking, a 3DCG project by the chAosOPUS, a horror-focused Indie studio, is currently under development.

Taking on the challenge of eradicating stalking, they’ve recruited the author’s help. When you take a closer look, it appears that the work has been finished to a significant degree. Animated films from Japan, on the other hand, are extremely popular among moviegoers.

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Fans Review

Killing Stalking isn’t a favorite of everyone. Psychologically, it’s quite a bit of an irritant. Some fans of Killing Stalking (KS) are outraged by Bum’s treatment of Sangwoo, while others are drawn to the story and its characters.

A number of individuals are shocked that so many people are rooting for Bum and Sangwoo, despite the fact that they are nothing more than an abusive couple.

killing stalking anime release date

Some fans criticized Seungbae for saving Bum while he was the one who did it.

They are outraged by Bum’s decision to leave Sangwoo behind. While there are many who defend Bum and Sangwoo’s comments, there are also those who back them.

Many of the author’s followers have sought to explain away the author’s actions. Some people think the author romanticizes rape and abuse in his writing.

The author, on the other hand, has debunked each of these claims. However, Koogi the author’s artwork and fan art contradict their claims.

It is shameful for any author who condones rape and abuse to do so. Fans’ attacks on the creator are unwarranted.

It’s great to express your own views, but it’s not okay to impose them on someone who is merely performing their job.

Fan or author, there isn’t a mistake. Understanding the task and receiving feedback on your work are more professional and suitable.

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