Isekaianime Mushoku Tensei, commonly known as Jobless Reincarnation, is based on a light novel and manga series that has generated controversy.

A man in his 30s who dies and is reborn as Rudeus Grey, a young man with magical skills, is the subject of this story.

Is everyone entitled to a second chance? Not everyone will be a fan of Mushoku Tensei, despite it being a standout of the Winter 2021 Season, One of the show’s more controversial aspects has been deemed vulgar by many anime fans and even banned in China.

How Did It All End Up?

What Mushoku Tensei has to offer in terms of transforming a life of meaninglessness into one filled with wonder is not unique to the series. When Rudeus first came into this world, he was hampered by his perversion rather than his lack of success in the eyes of today’s culture.

Since he was reincarnated into a new life, he remembered everything from the previous one, therefore he was able to continue this. He is therefore guilty of sexual wrongdoing, even though he spends nearly the whole first cour’s 11 episodes inside the body of an innocent child.

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Controversy About the Mushoku Tensei

Despite the fact that Rudeus possessed an adult’s comprehension when he reached the magical Six-Faced realm, author Rifujin a Magonote asserted that Rudeus was still adapting to it.

Consequently, the world’s nature had led him to regard individuals around him as RPG characters before he had learned to live in it. It’s possible that Mushoku Tensei’s setting is reminiscent of a video game, but that’s beside the point.

Rudeus’ inappropriate sexual behavior is even more difficult to discuss because he thinks like an adult. This young man may be hanging out with young females, but his behavior is completely inappropriate because they are still children and he has the physique of one.

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Because of The Accusations of Immorality

Bilibili in China halted the anime as a result of the immorality allegations. In the beginning, Rudeus’ father cheated on his pregnant mother with their maid. Rudeus eventually persuaded his mother to accept this condition, but that doesn’t change his perception.

Even if banning a work is obviously an extreme step that would most likely simply get people curious about such work—not to mention the question of whether censorship is ever acceptable—the cliché of naughty male anime characters is a worn-out one.

Recent shows like Wonder Egg Priority, which debuted in Winter 2021 and dealt with difficult themes, show that anime is capable of much more, and it should. When it comes to controversial subjects, not all anime have been as sensitive as others.

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