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Going for green

It is interesting watching how trends suddenly emerge for ideas which are not necessarily new. This month we revealed on our website that the UK green roof market is delivering an 17% increase in growth year on year. The report was published by Livingroofs.org in association with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), and was launched at the First Assessment of the UK Green Roof Market event at London City Hall, hosted by the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues

The report showed that growth was happening both nationally and in London, where 42% of the market currently is focused, and the findings also suggested specific planning policies affecting London were partly responsible for its exploding popularity. Roof gardens are not a brand new concept, but what this demonstrates is that a little public awareness combined with a smart policy decision from local or even central government really does have a big effect on the buying decisions of the public. In this instance, it so happens that roof gardens are an incredibly attractive way to adorn buildings, and create cool spaces for the people inside to break out be outdoors.

This month we are featuring a residential development in Milan which incorporates a ‘vertical gardens’ concept, resulting in a building that looks like something out of the Avatar movie, but in a good way. Forcing the natural into an urban context produces some very attractive designs, and a unique way to live in a city that is so identifiably Italian. Elsewhere we are looking at a Gourock coastal development by Hirst Landscape Architects, and exploring the challenges that were overcome to tart up an area that was very tired before Paul Miller and his team got their hands on it.

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