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Biotecture creates living wall for LandSec Nova project

Biotecture has completed a living wall which was created for LandSec in Victoria, London.

The brief of the project was to create a fully comprehensive living wall hoarding to provide a visual amenity and backdrop to the public realm space provided as well as to screen the temporary development and construction traffic behind.

The living wall hoarding is 30 metres long and 2.4 metres high. All of the works to the living hoarding were carried out directly by Biotecture. It features 390 panels and over 4,000 plants were used to create it.

Plants were selected to be suitable for a partly shaded location and to be tolerant to windy conditions. Some of the plants were particularly selected for their ability to assist with the capture of particle matter, as improving air quality in this busy pedestrian area with outdoor café seating was important to the client.

The living wall panels were mounted on a structural frame which in turn was restrained and designed to withstand impact and wind loadings.

The frame was designed to include a smooth boarded rear elevation enabling it to carry vinyl designs and imagery.

Further options with regards to visual imagery were explored as part of the original proposal including the use of intelligent projected images onto the living wall, LED lighting integrated into the living wall and ambient lighting solutions.

The Living Hoarding will be in place for three years while the building work on site is going on.

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